Is it good to have a ditto in your pokemon soul silver team?

Well my team is





( planning to get Dragonite )


Is ditto good if i trained it well ?

If not , any suggestions to fit my last place ??

Thnx in advance! :D

Oh btw, someone who is easy to get

( Im still in Cianwood city [ 5th gym ] )

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    1 decade ago
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    That's a pretty balanced team. I'm at this same spot where i don't know what pokemon to have in my team.

    I based my team off of what types work best against the elite four and so far i have:






    and im still missing one as well..

    but for you i would probably suggest getting either a psychic type (gengar,) or a fighting type (preferably a dual type somewhat like heracross)

    If that's not your thing try a ground type (steelix, golem,)

    or just use ditto for the fun, he copys stats when he transforms minus HP and speed I'm pretty sure.


    Try if you haven't already used it. Its a good pokemon site.

    Source(s): Similar problem, Pokemon nerd.
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    1 decade ago

    Ditto is a pretty good pokemon, he's good for copying pokemon and seeing which moves they have. You may also want to catch ho-oh as a flying pokemon and maybe even mew because if that pokemon has teleport it's like unlimited escape ropes.

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