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    Master of Education does not give you the ticket to teach in Australia but Master of Teaching does. You need a teaching qualification to teach in Australia. You either do a bachelor degree or a graduate diploma or a Master of Teaching. Please check the website of the university in your state. Please read carefully about the aims of the course and the career prospect. If your training is in primary school then you can only teach in the primary school. If your training is in secondary school then you can only teach in the secondary school.

    My suggestion – choose a school, offer your time, be a volunteer for few weeks, you will hear things, you may have a culture shock, then ask yourself whether you can fit in.

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    我有不少具有PR或公民身份的台灣朋友都在澳洲各級學校教書, 澳洲近幾年也興起亞洲熱, 不妨善用自己的優勢教中文; 澳洲的教育體系的實習制度比台灣優很多, 所以機會也很多, 至於好不好教要看狀況, 很多朋友都選擇教高中以下的學生, 或是到企業擔任訓練師, 說起來是小朋友比較好教

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