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ANDY asked in 社會與文化語言 · 1 decade ago



My English Name is Andy. I'm twenty-seven years old. and born on a normal and abnormal country in Changhua. My family have six people. My father had been a spinning employer,but he had no work for along time.And now he is a short-time worker in government. My old sister work in Chanwha, and her career is Administrate assistant in National Immigration Agency. My young sister is a part-time worker, she is a senior high school student now. The last, I am working in Sun-Far 3C chain store, and my work are sale computers and repair computers.

I gratuated in National Chin-Yi University of Technology,and I had join Imformation Management student organization.My position was camera man, and it made me learn how to get touched in that instant.I had to be a part-time job for student in summer vocation also, and it made me learn an skill for repair pc. The last, I had also join some skill tests and got some licenses. There are Software Application level B,Software Design level C, english skill test level 4 ..etc.

I believe that I am a responsible and earnest man for my work. If I have pleasure to get this job,I'll do my best on it. To reach my self-expectation for group with this team.

thank you for your time!




1.行政助理可以用Executive Assistant嗎?

2.and it made me learn how to get touched in that instant. 本來想翻成…讓我學到如何捕抓瞬間的永恆………


I believe that I am a responsible and honest man for my work, and I have a pleasure to get this job. I'll do my best on it, ...


Update 2:

16.there was…可是不是複數嗎?那是不是要用there were呢?

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    1.My family has six people

    2.a long

    3.不能用and 去開另一個句子

    4.My older sister

    5.Administrator 不是e是要加or

    6.young 是要younger

    7.the last 用 last but not least 會拿到高分 work are 是因該my work is 是要selling

    10.repairing 不是repair computers

    11.Information 不是imformation

    12. was the 不是 was

    13.and it made me learn how to get touched in that instant(不知道你的意思)

    14.vocation 是要vacation

    15.a skill 不是an skill

    16.there was. 不是 there are

    17.earnest 是不是要honest 阿

    18.and i have a pleasure to get this job

    19.I'll do my best on it. (不是用句點要用 ,)to reach my self-expectation for (+ 一個 my)group with this team.

    Source(s): 我是義守國際中學的國際班的學生 my english is very well i used to live in the us, when i was small
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    部落格網址: /supercanada2007/

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