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help. simple answer easy 10 points?

ive asked this question twice and no answer is too great. but im 17 and its me and my bfs 1 yr anniversary. i need some tips on what to get him. sex of any sort not an option. we dont have alone time always parentally supervised keep in mind. what would be a thoughtful idea. best reasonable answer gets 10 points... im easy to please so any answer might get it. :)


omg this is gunna be difficult to choose the best lol.. these are some really good idea i really think the jar thing is cute he'd like it... but id prolly run out of things to right.. and the love song cd is cute too

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    you should take him to the beach late at night and watch the sunset together if you can get a truck to put blankets in that would be great then you sleep in the back of the truck and check the sunrise time then set an alarm and watch the sunrise together. or if your parents wont let yoou do that you can like stay in seperate hotel room for the night and then go to the beach to watch the sunrise and set. hang out on the beach or nearby and like eat ice cream build sandcastles and stuff. its FANTAAAASTIC!!!!

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    For your first year anniversary you can create a collage of all the things you guys have done through out the year.

    You can write him a letter expressing your feelings and how you feel about him. A romantic dinner will always work when celebrating an anniversary!

    Or for more of a fun day- GO to an amusement park and just do fun active things like a picnic at the park then play soccer

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    Do a home made dinner date, who ever is the better cook can cook the dinner while the other helps. Then pick a movie together and just spend time together. I'm usually broke so staying in for me is always a easy on the wallet yet meaningful.

    Speaking of wallets, my girlfriend got me an awesome leather wallet that I use all the time now. You could get him a wallet and go ahead and put a picture of yourself in it.

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    Well, there's a lot you can get him, pretty much something from the heart though. I'm planning for my gift to my bf for our one year coming up. some ideas are:

    1)a notebook and on each page, a quote or picture that expresses how I feel about him or what our relationship is like

    2)a CD with either love songs that remind me of our relationship or songs that relate to me and my personality so when he listens to it he thinks of me

    3)the next time we go on a date, I might have a friend take my camera and follow us around secretly without him knowing and take pictures of us since we go to places with amazing scenery and pick one picture and frame it. He'll be so surprised, shocked, and maybe creeped out a bit haha

    Well good luck, congrats, and I hope I helped :)

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    For my one year anniversary with my GF, (I am a guy) I gave her a necklace. She gave me a card. (: Coming from a guy Ill tell you this, don't worry much about your one year. You're going to have like a million more anniversaries anyhow. The best thing you can give him is a nice relaxing time to hang out with you. Make him a sweet card, and just go for a walk at the beach. Make him feel happy to be with you, that's the best gift you could give him.

    10 points? :)

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    Well something that resembles a part of your relationship. Like i dunno...a song that was playing the first time you met or something or a bear that means something. Stuff like that is always good :]

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    My cousin did this once for her dude... If you guys have taken a lot of pictures together at different places make a col-age (spelling?) or buy one of those mutli picture picture frames if you don't have a large amount of different pictures. Along with that you could get him something small... something that reflects his interests.

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    well if i were you i'd see if i should go out maybe to a beach movies or a park and get him some thing he'll what to keep on him all the time

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    make him something. put 365 little notes in a jar with a saying or something you guys did so he can read one eveyday for the next year

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