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How big were farms in Medieval Europe?

Just as an average. Would 20,000 acres be big?

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    Nothing like that big. Most would be less than 10 acres for a family. About half the produce would be paid in taxes to the land owner and they would need the rest to subsist on.

  • elmo o
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    1 decade ago

    you have to remember that farms then were owned by the lord and worked by the serf. the individual plot was barely enough to survive on. in today's world i can grow enough veggies to feed my wife and i on an acre (43k'.) pasturage requires about 5 ac for a cow, less for a sheep and feed for a pig. then you n

    needed area for grain for the horse/mule. frequently this was communal. additionally most were sharecroppers, where the lord got, not a per centage, but a fixed amount.

    with the share croppers and communal requirements it is difficult to state an exact measurement.

    the lord's benevolence was a big factor, too.

    a lords holdings of 20k ac could be small. accounts of 6 figs regularly occur in england's history edward l gave estates of 50k ac or more

    an individual farmer with steel plow can operate about 40 ac. the wooden plow, certainly much less.

  • 1 decade ago

    20,000 is large now.

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