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Is the United States' union the same as the United Kingdom's union?

In that England, Scotland, Wales and North Ireland are the equivalent to the United States' states?

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    No, The United Kingdom was created to ease the rivalries of two very different states that happened to have the same monarch. The United States was created to oppose a foreign power and unite the smaller north American states against other foreign powers.

    The USA was also a voluntary union of states and most people (of those who favored separation from Britain) wanted at least some sort of national government. The UK however was not so voluntary. The English controlled the Scottish parliament and bribed it into accepting the act of union that would unite the nations.

    The United States are also equal amongst each other, this is insured by the senate. The UK was at first designed to be a lopsided union favoring England. The Capital was London, and England had ten times more representation in the UK parliament, though only five times as many people.

    I hope this convinces you that the US and UK are very different unions.

    Source(s): "How the Scots Invented the Modern World" The good public school teachers of the Great state of Illinois
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    it incredibly is a shame the race card has already been pulled, IMO it incredibly is an automated win for the pros yet, there are some very extreme factors that persons do no longer think approximately; wonderful we've got in basic terms long previous by recession and the ramifications of a poorly controlled monetary device will nevertheless be taking effect for some extra years a minimum of. we are very fragile and can desire to look to production to convey a pair of superior restoration. If we've been to pass away the european there may be no criminal framework combating them from blockading our exports. this might kill the restoration ineffective and constructive plunge us right into a melancholy. Protectionist movements like this might extremely help their very own worldwide places growth, there may be little or no reason of them to no longer do it. consequently we would might desire to compromise with the european and that could desire to possibly value us economically extra advantageous than the club costs we pay now. that's the reason the main vital events desire to be interior the european. don't get me incorrect the heart of the european is extra corrupt than the worst politicians interior the united kingdom yet, we are able to be extra effective located interior battling for reform than outdoors being screwed over. That being pronounced, this debate is incredibly stable. as quickly as we are on the direction to restoration and we get our very own residence so as tythen we are able to flow onto pushing for reform of the european, and making constructive that it works for the income of the united kingdom.

  • Nope.

    In practice they're pretty-much the same but as a matter of law, each U.S. State is an independent sovereign nation/state. These States voluntarily associate forming a Constitutional federation that is their AGENT, not their manager.

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    thanfully ,we will never be like america,we are seperate countrys ,welsh are welsh ,english are english,both are british,both are proud to have and fly their own flags,some welsh would not like to be classed as english because we are welsh !football and rugby fans of wales n england hate each other !!i am welsh but however im supporting the english in the world cup because they are our neighbour,but once its all over ,we will go back to our love /hate ways :)

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    theyre countries not states

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