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African clawed frog water temp is too high, ideas?

I just moved to a new house with my African clawed frog and we don't have air conditioning. The tank water got up into the 80's and I could tell the frog wasn't feeling well so I went ahead and made some treated ice cubes to put in and he's gotten more active, feeling a bit better. I was wondering if you guys had any other ideas to help cool his tank off without having to buy a several hundred dollar tank cooler. The fish store told me to put a small fan blowing on his tank as well, but I don't know if that's helping at all. You guys know of anything?


I haven't been turning on his light, so that's not the cause. He gets enough light as it is, ACFs don't even technically need a light.

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    Try increasing the volume of water in it's tank and use a power filter to circulate the water. Both of these should lower the temp. Higher temps really shouldn't bother these frogs at all though since they come from the tropics in Africa, low to high 80's are ideal.

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    lower the bulb wattage.

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    But an icecube in it.

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