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Who Loves United Airlines ?

Tell if you like United Airlines Or If You Don't. Please Explain your Experience!

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    United airlines is great as long as you are not at some airports. I know at ORD I was flying standby trying to get home and one flight was canceled. The customer service reps were rude and there was over 200 people on the standby list for more than one day. All the other times I had a great experience with united all the flight attendant were very nice and very well trained on how to handle rude and passengers that do not listen. My flights are usually on time or early.

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    dude i hate united . idk if its in basic terms the airport right here in sd , regardless of the undeniable fact that it variety of sounds like everytime i take united something is going incorrect . theyre friendly and polie yet different than that , its wack . like one time my flight became not on time sixteen HOURS and that they only gave us 10$ vouchers for nutrition .

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