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What city is bigger in both population and size (area) Calgary or Vancouver?

i am wondering what is bigger. Also is metro vancouver part of vancouver or is it totally different. Because during the olympics they were saying that vancouver had a population of over 2 mil. yet on the internet it says it is only 700,000 people. Also is Vancouver a safe place to live? along with fun? Thanks.

P.S. please try to answer all of them. I know it is a lot. Thanks.


Will Richmond, Burnaby, etc., amalgamate with proper Vancouver? Also is London like Vancouver in the sense that they only have 4,000 people in proper London and 7 million in Greater London?

Update 2:

By London I mean London England.

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    Vancouver city : 578,041

    Vancouver metro : 2,116,581

    Calgary city : 988,193

    Calgary metro : 1,079,310


    Vancouver city : 114.67 km2 (44.3 sq mi)

    Vancouver metro : 2,878.52 km2 (1,111.4 sq mi)

    Calgary city : 726.50 km2 (280.50 sq mi)

    Calgary metro : 5,107.43 km2 (1,971.99 sq mi)

    Although Vancouver is generally understood to be Canada's third largest city, technically speaking it is true that it is in fact Canada's 8th largest city. This is because when one refers to Vancouver, one generally is referring to Metro Vancouver, which has a population of 2.1 million, and is the third largest metropolitan area in Canada.

    It must be said, also, that Vancouver city proper is by far the smallest of Canada's major cities by area, with just 114.67 km2. Compare it for example to Toronto (630 km2), Montreal (365.13 km2), Ottawa (2,778.64 km2) and even a much smaller (population wise) city like Saskatoon (144 km2). However, unlike these cities (Toronto, Montreal, Ottawa and other Canadian cities) Vancouver has never amalgamated with surrounding satelite cities, which would increase both it's area and population.

    (Just for curiosities sake [yes I'm bored] I did some math and amalgamated Vancouver with Burnaby, New Westminister, Richmond, North Vancouver & West Vancouver. It would give Vancouver an area close to Toronto's with 618.156km2 and a population of 1,197,245.)

    As far as a safe place? Yes, Vancouver certainly is a safe place to live, if a bit expensive, certainly when compaired to cities of similar size in the USA and elsewhere.

    Source(s): Born and raist in the greatest city on earth, Vancouver and a sprinkling of google magic my friend! ;)
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    The actual city of Vancouver itself is fairly small. It has water on two sides, and other cities (Burnaby, New Westminster, etc.) on the others. In area, it is much smaller than Calgary. However, if you include "metro" Vancouver, which means all the cities around it (and there are many!), then the population goes over 2 million. However, the land area is still bounded - by the sea, mountains, and farmland. In BC, agricultural land was frozen from development back in the 1960's, so they cannot expand on to it. This is one of the reasons housing is so expensive in the Lower Mainland area - only land previously built on can be used, and the population has at least doubled since that time.

    Calgary is pretty much free to expand, as they do not have the same restrictions. While it has a smaller population, the actual size of Calgary is much larger than Vancouver.

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    The City of Vancouver has a smaller population than Calgary (578,041 for Vancouver and 988,193 for Calgary according to the 2006 census).

    However the metropolitan area of Metro Vancouver (includes City of Vancouver, Burnaby, Coquitlam, Delta, Langley, Richmond and more - a total of 22 municipalities) is much larger than the metropolitan area of Calgary. Metro Vancouver has over 2.1 million, Calgary area between 1 and 1.2 million.

    Vancouver is a safe place to live. Like any city there are some not-so-good areas (Downtown East Hastings area in particular) and you do need to be aware of your surroundings.

    I enjoy living here, there's lots of outdoor sports to do, many live music events, several fun attractions and much more.



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    Vavcouver openly lost it's war on drugs. While Calgary is a haven for homelessness. Toronto does very well taking care of everyone. We have more people by far with less problems population wise. Downtown for all they cities have there good points but Toronto is far more diverse. If a multicultural society is your thing then toronto is the way to go.

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    700,000 = Vancouver city

    2M = Greater Vancouver area (with suburbs)

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    Is Edmonton Bigger Than Calgary

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    vancouver has lower population than calgary

    vancouver is definitely safer than calgary

    if u wanna live in canada then vancouver is the best choice.


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    bc nugs... tasty!

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