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Why is Sergei Rachmaninoff considered such a unique and great pianist?

I need a "Sergei Rachmaninoff for Idiots" interpretation. I need to know how his music/works have affected music for years to come. Also why would he be important to a crowd ranging from 20-25.

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    4 years ago

    I Ditto "Malcom D": your question isn't sparkling to no remember in case you're requesting song written by using classical pianists themselves, or in basic terms classical piano song. If it incredibly is for in basic terms classical piano song, then i might post right here. Franz Liszt wrote diverse concertos, and different noteworthy products for the piano. Tschaikowsky wrote 3 piano concertos(you are able to desire to have heard the admired #-a million in b-flat minor). Edward Grieg: piano concerto in A-minor: wonderful. J. Brahms wrote 2 great piano concertos(#2 is an all time popular of mine). Cesar Franck's "Symphonic ameliorations": wonderful. Saint-Saens wrote a pair of no longer great, yet observe-worth piano concertos. even even though it has a jazz environment, George Gershwin's piano concerto in F, is an outstanding masterpiece: you will like it. The above could shop you listening with great excitement for a whilst. Wotan

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