what laws does oregon have for partner notification that has HIV, AIDS, Or other sexually transmitted diseases?

Is it against the law to not notify your partner that you are HIV positive?

Are there laws for notifying your partner that you have HIV, AIDS, or other sexually transmitted diseases?

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  • 10 years ago

    I don't know about Oregon specifically, but I would imagine that it is the same as most other places in North America.

    HIV is a reportable disease, meaning that they take statistics of new infections for public health records. If you test positive for HIV, a public health nurse will ask you for your sexual history. If you are comfortable notifying your partner or past partners about your HIV+ status, then they will let you do this. If you are not, then the nurse will have them contacted by the public health agency and the person will be told in a very general way that someone they have had sexual contact with has tested positive for HIV and that they are encouraged to get a test.

    If you are living with HIV, it is required that you both inform your sexual partner of this prior to having sex - and that you practice safe sex (use condoms).

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