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SAILING QUESTION: How to reattach a roller furling jib sail.?

I have a 1966 32 foot Bristol with a roller furling jib sail. Last time out, the strap on the head of the jib sail failed and it went fluttering into the water. I had the sail repaired and put a doulbe strap on it. My question is... how do I reinstall it? I am guessing that the halyard is still at the top of the mast? I can have some frineds hoist me up there... but is that how roller furling's work? My intent is to be hoisted up, attach a line to the halyard, pull it down, and then reattch the jib sail. Does that sound right? Thanks, and advice would be appreciated.

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    there are several types of roller furling systems. some have sail tracks that go around the head stay, but since your jib ended up in the water, we will assume that you have a free flying jib.

    i'm guessing that your system is made up of an upper swivel fitting that attaches between the top of your jib and your jib halyard (this will also attach to the forestay) the lower part of the furling system is usually a drum with a length of line that winds in the drum when the sail is unfurled.

    you are correct that you will need to retrieve the upper swivel and halyard and reattach it to the top of the sail. make sure that this swivel remains attached to the forestay, the lower furling drum should have the furling line attached to it. attach the bottom of the jib to the swivel on the furling drum and hoist the jib. once the jib is hoisted you can adjust luff tension with the halyard, and then pull on the furling line this will furl the jib.

    hope this helps

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