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difference between alaskan malamute and alaskan husky?

What is the difference between an Alaskan Malamute and an Alaskan Husky.

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    One is friendly the other is meaner than a junk yard dog

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    Malamutes are vast Breed dogs, often between 20 and 24 inches on the shoulder between 80 and one hundred and twenty lbs, they have similar temperaments and both have thick dense coats that favor to be treated continuously, both are extreme ability operating dogs that pay interest at the same time as they favor. Huskies are often smaller between 40 5 and 60 lbs. they are both extremely wise and favor a great number of simulation. Huskies are often black and white yet is often pink or brown. Malamutes are often gray black pink and or white. both have blue, brown or gray eyes. the most important massive difference in them is length. make investments in a furminator or come across a sturdy groomer to do shed-a lot less remedies with both breeds in spring and fall to assist with shedding and warm temperature. And a sturdy coach that could assist you recognize the breed of which ever you decide on on. in case you want a dogs it is not so extreme ability inspect large Pyrenees or Samoyed too. they don't have the markings yet they are slightly extra laid again and are nonetheless arctic dogs

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