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How to get Acrylic paint to stick to glass?

I am having an Eclipse party for the Twilight movie premiere and I have bought wine glasses that I want to design with everyones name on them. I have bought the acrylic paint markers and I have tried to seal the glasses with the Acrylic Gloss Spray not only does it come off when you run water over it, it makes the glass look frosted when you spray it on there. And I have tried Acrylic Varnish and it washes off...EVEN THOUGH THESE THINGS ARE SUPPOSE TO BE "PERMANENT"

Someone PLEASE HELP I have less than a week to figure this out.

I've also wanted to just to the glass etching, but i would have to buy a blank pattern for everyone (8 ppl) and then cut out the designs myself!! Any suggestions?

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    Your best bet would be to use "glass paint" (look at Michaels, etc). It's supposed to be permanent on glass.

    Plastics like acrylic paints and white (PVA) glues are not supposed to be able to stick to very slick surfaces in general.

    I don't know why the "acrylic gloss spray" you bought rinsed off though... it should be at least a little more permanent if it's a permanent spray, though it's always good to let plastics like those dry really well and actually even "cure" for a week or so before stressing them with water.

    It's possible that you could coat the glasses *all the way around* with a clear permanent sealer to create a "mechanical" hold on the glass, then use the acrylic paints on top of that once dry, but you'd have to check that out. And you don't want to put any of those things in the areas where lips or liquids to be drunk will touch.

    Check these sites for more on painting on glass though:


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    yes, acrylic paint will stick to just about everything. If you frame it under glass, use a matt board and that will create a space between the painting and the glass. Artwork should never directly touch the glass anyway, there should always be a matt or some interior edge built into the frame to keep the work away from the glass no matter what kind of work medium you use.

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    You need to use a good primer first. Glidden Gripper or Zinsser 1-2-3 will adhere to glass. Mask off an area with Frog tape, blue tape, etc. apply primer with a small foam roller. Let dry for 24 hrs., then paint with your acrylics. Follow up with a clear sealer. This will all still scratch off in time, but should last for what you need.

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    hi i have tried painting on glass with acrylic paint.... but i have not yet worked out how to fix it permanently... i tried using a hairdryer!!! did not work... what is PVA glue? can i mix it with acrylic paint?


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    you could mix the paint with pva glue i think it would last although its not designed to be washed over and over again it is a plastic

    (polyvinyl asetate)

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