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How to get Acrylic paint to stick to glass?

I am having an Eclipse party for the Twilight movie premiere and I have bought wine glasses that I want to design with everyones name on them. I have bought the acrylic paint markers and I have tried to seal the glasses with the Acrylic Gloss Spray not only does it come off when you run water over it, it makes the glass look frosted when you spray it on there. And I have tried Acrylic Varnish and it washes off...EVEN THOUGH THESE THINGS ARE SUPPOSE TO BE "PERMANENT"

Someone PLEASE HELP I have less than a week to figure this out.

I've also wanted to just to the glass etching, but i would have to buy a blank pattern for everyone (8 ppl) and then cut out the designs myself!! Any suggestions?

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    Pebeo makes glass and ceramic paint that is permanent and food safe. The Pebeo can be found at Michael's. See links.

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    You will have etch the glass. There is Glass Etching fluid that you paint on, and then wash off.

    You can buy stencils for the lettering, instead of designing each one.

    You can also hand etch the glass with super fine sandpaper, or with a Dremel Power Tool.

    There is no fast and easy way, though the stencils and etching fluid would be the least expensive way.

    You can also check in your phone book, there are engraving businesses that can do it for you.

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    You might try clear polyurethane varnish over the paint. It can be purchased about anywhere--wal-mart in the paint section, a hardware store like lowes or k-mart stores carry it. This varnish can seal about anything.

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