How to open a port using telnet?

The port, 3074, is blocked. I would like to know how I would unblock it using a telnet client or the one build into windows. My dad blocked the port, and i we use a dlink router with the ip theres anything you guys can do to help me get past this and unblock it, that would be a great help, I've tried finding how to do it, but nothing seems "clear" enough, you know? Thanks guys. Big Help.

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    From my MacOS/Unix system I know that telnet connections are refused/blocked for security reasons because telnet lacks encryption. I would suggest using 'ssh' if available, especially if you want to connect from outside the firewalled WLAN.

    The standard port für telnet is 23, for ssh it's 22. Port 3074 is not a telnet port. You haven't really made clear what you're trying to do, so I'm guessing you want to access the PC from outside the LAN which is secured by the firewall of the router.

    You need to log in to the D-Link router and set up 'Virtual Server' options (in the 'Advanced' menu). This means you define port 23 and/or 22 to be open, and any traffic through these ports to be redirected to the local IP address of the PC you want to connect to. (For details see the router's manual.)

    The local IP address of the PC goes like 192.168.0. …, The address you mention in your question is the WAN-IP/Internet address that you will use later to telnet or ssh the targeted PC from the Internet. If the client PC itself is connected to the LAN (wirelessly or with ethernet cable) then using the local address is of course preferable, and the whole router stunt would be unnecessary.

    The only problem left now is that the telnet server services on the Windows PC need to be activated. They are by default deactivated for security reasons. For instructions see for example:

    If the PC has a firewall up, it probably needs to be adjusted to permit traffic on the telnet port 23.

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    You open the port through the firewall, or the config on the router config screen.

    If you think you can do it through telnet, you watched too many "hacker" movies.


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