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Who can jump higher Basketball or soccer players ?

I´m comparing distance from floor to feet, cause in soccer you cannot use hands (they use heads). It seems that soccer defenders jump very high without sprinting much (in vertical). Even so I think in Basketball they jump higher because they do more all the game. There´s any way to confirm this?

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    basketball player looks like they can jump hiqher because of the amazinq airness of jordan, kobe and carter, they are known for jumpinq hiqh, and the rim is hiqher than the qoal, but notice this they are six feet six and most players are at six feet or above, since when do you see a six feet six soccer player, alomst that's why it seems that basketball player jump hiqher, but if you compare a six feet basketball player and a six feet soccer player, i can tell you that they jump about the same hiqh normally, but except some players like iverson, aaron brook, jamar nelson, fisher and rondo, they jump hiqher than the same six feet soccer player. and yes you need to jump more in basketball, soccer you run all the time

    so normally, if you play alot of basketball or volleyball, it can increase your jump ability than soccer

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    If you mean which one takes more skill & more physically demanding, I'd have to go with basketball. And it comes from just the rules that are engrained in the nature of the two sports: skill: > soccer is a one-dimensional feet-only sport where hand-skill or hand-eye coordination isn't even required unless you're the goalie. > it's the first game that kids usually learn to play because it's the easiest to play > basketball physically demanding: I'd say they're about even. It's different physical efforts, soccer you can be standing still one minute and sprinting full speed 50 yards the next. Basketball is more about quick bursts and picking your spots. But depending on position you play, like goalies in soccer, what they're standing around half the time right? Just from what I've seen, I think basketball players are the best athletes in the world. We see more basketball players making jumps to other sports because the skills and coordination they have translate to many sports. Like NFL has ballers like Tony Gonzalez, Randy Moss, Terrell Owens, etc who play hoop. Allen Iverson and Lebron James played football in high school, etc. Tim Duncan, Steve Nash, Baron Davis play soccer so maybe Idk who knows. Soccer players do have good footwork though, those are some similar skills that translate well to both sports.

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    Some footballers, Cristiano Ronaldo 186.5cm, Sergio Ramos 183cm, Fabio Cannavaro 176cm, are able to jump very high, however they are not as tall as basketball players, so maybe basketball players seem to able to jump higher, some footballers can "fly", several other examples are Cordoba 173cm, Neuer 193cm, and Giroud 192cm.

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    Is this even a question, Basketball players.

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    easily basketball players

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    depends who you compare. Lebron for an example...can hit his head on the rim. last time..i checked. no one in soccer has hit a ball with their head..that's 10 feet up in the airr?

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    186.5 Cm In Feet And Inches

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