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Concorde asked in Cars & TransportationAircraft · 1 decade ago

Is there such a thing as a VFR flight tracker?

I am doing my second solo X-country tomorrow and my dad would like to track my progress.

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    One of the best VFR trackers is SPOT!

    It allows anyone to know where you are even on the ground. They don't depend on ATC, they use GPS and send that data to a satellite that can be checked from any computer. For VFR pilots it is a great deal for family or friends. Some Missionary Pilots use them, even in back water jungles.

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    No. It's called General Aviation flight tracking not VFR tracker. He can track it on only if you make a flight plan. Ask your flight instructor to make a flight plan for you or teach you how to submit one. Then you can give your dad your airplane number(the N number ot tail number) and he can type it in on and watch your progress. However, he won't be able to see the flight path in real time, there's a 10 minute delay so what he is seeing on the screen happened 10 minutes ago. This is because of safety reasons, the FAA doesn't allow real-time tracking because of national security.

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    FlightAware does now track some VFR flights, provided that you are receiving flight following. It is unreliable, though, because not all VFR flights are put in the national ATC system. It's probably your best bet, but don't count on it working 100% for VFR.

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