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Party ideas for a backyard summer 16 yr old party!?

So far, this is what I've got:

water balloon toss

egg toss

--any other games??

slip n slide



grillin out

cake & presents

decoration ideas:

banner hanging from my back deck

lanterns hanging from my big tree

lights woven through the fence

everyone brings a lawn chair

tables for presents and food

--anything else??

I'm thinking the time will be from 4-whenever they want to leave.

Any ideas would be great!

Thank you!!

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    Truthfully, allot of people think it sounds lame! So, lets shake it up with the same ideas. (Hopefully your the parent, because I would feel sorry if you were 16)

    OK, so, lets try a dance theme.Get your iPod or CD player, load it up with tunes, and get a huge speaker(or 3) and place them out. Make a playlist of the best songs, and turn it on after like, 3 people arrive.

    Then, you can have chips, salsa, dips, allot ( =run the store down) of soda. Get the grill on, start the burgers and hot dogs!

    This gives a main activity and is loose enough so they can just sit and talk if they want. Also, you may want to try setting up video games like Halo or Dance Dance Revolution(depends on gender.)

    For the decoration, I have a few tips. But this is a must: BURN THE BANNER!!!! It is social suicide. Don't embarrass them! Try adding a theme, like island, beach, or summer. This will narrow it down. Then, you can try adding a few fire crackers and fireworks for fun at night. Maybe a tiki torch. Just whatever is SUDDLE, and NOT RIDICULOUS!!

    For the time, make it form 4 to 10. Give all the time needed while keeping a boundary on it.


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    whats up, how cool are you? Are you particularly cool sufficient to have a Grease party, like the movie? get the movie AKA. Sandy and play it loud out area, beautify your out doorways very 50 ish and placed on jean sand diggers i think of you women call them Capri's now.... upload some carnival video games and serve,50-50 Punch which could be a million tub orange sherbet and ginger ale, and sliced oranges upload some dry ice it would be fairly present childrens devour PB and J sandwiches and small television dinners, must be the spaghetti ones.... Play your movie, get the song and characteristic some summer season exciting...

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    Are you sure you didn't mean 6 year old party?

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    It all sounds good, looks like you have it down:)

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    dont forget about the medicine cabinet

    Source(s): thats just jokes. dont do that...
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