Is justin bieber drinking beer in the picture?

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  • Unfollow And dont say he's too innocent too. ive read articles about him seeing rated r movies, partying with ashor roth (he mentioned it on twitter), he has more
Update : no, i'm not 10. and idc if he drinks beer. i actually find it hot more
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  • Megan answered 4 years ago
no its chinese food blended up. he was on silent library and he had to drink it.

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  • Kelsey* <3 answered 4 years ago
    Lol haven't you seen that show? He was drinking chinese food mixed up in a blender.
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  • ? answered 4 years ago
    Orange Juice. The strongest stuff her Mommy will allow her to have,
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  • Estrella_84 answered 4 years ago
    woah next lindsay lohan Lol
    jk idk it looks like
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  • DwEeZy answered 4 years ago
    Noo its a Chinese mixx,Silent Libraryy Duhh!
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  • CC answered 4 years ago
    It doesn't look like he's drinking beer....could be something else.
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  • MJ I Lover ♥ мємσìrs answered 4 years ago
    No i Think Beer is lighter that's Looks like a Chocolate Milkshake
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  • Rina Loves Sam! answered 4 years ago
    I'm not a Justin Bieber fan AT ALL but really the guy is like 16. Big effin deal if he drinks, or does that other stuff. 13 year olds are out there getting pregnant. Drinking, seeing an R rated movie, cussing. Those aren't big deals. Scary movies and most funny ones ARE rated R. Don't say you haven't watched a movie with cussing in it. And about the tattoo, if his mom let's him get it then it's not bad. I got my belly button pierced at 16, does that make me bad, no it does not.

    If someone wants to complain about a picture with beer in his hand or saying cuss words at 16 (which most teens do) then you must be like 10.

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  • LC answered 4 years ago
    no, she was probably drinking a mojhito
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  • ♥Rachel♥ answered 4 years ago
    No that just looks like a shake or something
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  • Tαηk Gιяℓ answered 4 years ago
    Probably is. If he is, so what? Its a sip of beer.
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  • The Real Edward Anthony Cullen. answered 4 years ago
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