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Rate this trade fantasy baseball trade?

I give up: Stephen Strasburg and Nelson Cruz

I get: Josh Hamilton and Dan Haren

I have Colby Rasmus, Kemp, Chris Young, and Vlad. My starters are Wainwright, Verlander, Lester, Price, and Strasburg. I know Strasburg wont pitch that much in September, and even though Haren has notoriously bad second halves of seasons, I could see him being traded or turning it around. He's still striking a lot of people out, just giving up too many runs and hits. Also, Cruz isn't as good as Hamilton, if Josh can stay healthy he is in for an amazing season, while Cruz is very injury prone like Hamilton, but Josh Hamilton seems locked in.

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    No way in hell. Cruz is better than Hamilton. Strasburg is playing better than Haren. I personally am a big fan of Haren but keep Strasburg, especially if you're in a keeper league.

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    Awwww... I think your giving up too much. Strasburg from what we've seen so far is just to good to trade. Haren pitches in one of the best hitter's parks in the league so even more reason this isn't the greatest trade. Though, Hamilton is the hottest hitter in baseball. See if you can get Hamilton straight-up for Cruz if this trade hasn't been accepted yet. Luck to you on your fantasy endeavors.

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    personally, i think cruz and hamilton are very close, but hamilton has a slight edge because of cruz's injury history.

    however, strasburg is far and away better than haren. haren's giving up way too many runs this year and it's only gonna get worse in the second half.

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    U r losing in this trade. Basically strasburg is better than haren, and cruz is just as good as hamilton. It is such an even trade. Cruz and hamilton both get injured a lot too.

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    Haren's ERA is high. Strasburg is doing well right now, on fire, and I wouldn't give him him up. Josh Hamilton is doing waaaaay better than Nelson, so that's good, but the pitcher is awful. Depending on your sitiuation, if you need pitching stats, don't make the trade. If you need batting stats, go with the trade.

    Good Luck...Have fun.

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    Say no way. Strasburg is the best pitcher in baseball; Haren is awful. Cruz and Hamilton are comparable....don't deal Strasburg unless someone way overpays for him.

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    i would take that trade. Rumors are that haren will probly be traded to a contender. Haren would have more W's ut their bullpen has blown it. and cruz has battled injuries all season. Hamilton is having a monster year so far. and also keep in mind, cruz was hot 1st half of last season but struggled 2nd part.

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    i think of you have lost slightly interior the deal, easily. If Pettitte and Cecil can save up their performances for something of the 300 and sixty 5 days, you would be dropping wins. even inspite of the indisputable fact that, Lee is a longtime fable ace who provides you with solid stats - extraordinarily if he leaves Seattle and has a greater proper hazard to get wins. Montero is a touch greater proper catcher than Barajas whilst he's healthful, and that i could choose him over Suzuki and Barajas. Holliday and Suzuki provides you with diverse contributions; you will for sure lose Ichiro's velocity, yet Holliday is fairly solid all-around. truly, if Pettitte and Cecil can save up what they are doing, you have lost a tiny bit. it relies upon upon those 2. even inspite of the indisputable fact that it truly is nevertheless a solid deal for you.

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    I wouldn't make any trade for Dan Haren.....sorry!

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