The crowning of King Aurthur- Does King Arthur deserve to be king?

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    It depends on the rules.

    If the rule is that the eldest son of a king deserves to succeed him, then Arthur does deserve to be king. At least in all medieval tales in which speak of the matter, Arthur is Uther Pendragon’s only son.

    If the heir must be a legitimate son, then Arthur’s right is more dubious. According to all accounts which tell of Arthur’s begetting, Uther and Ygerne were not married at the time. Does the later marriage cleanse Arthur of a charge of illegitimacy? That depends on the rules.

    Ygerne’s earlier husband died in battle that same night. The “Prose Lancelot'' claims this death occurred before Uther lay with Ygerne, in which case legally Uther and Ygerne were not committing adultery. Sir Thomas Malory in his “Le Morte d’Arthur” claims that Ygerne’s first husband was still alive when Uther lay with Ygerne, in which case they were committing adultery. Does that matter according to the rules?

    Where are these rules written down so that one can consult them?

    According to the thought of many today, the idea that the ruler of a state should be chosen based on inheritance is absurd. Certainly that alone has nothing to do with that person “deserving” to be king.

    Arthur was supposedly still a squire at the time.

    In short, the question is really unanswerable. One might conclude that by the rule and customs of the time, Arthur had the best claim to be king, but that the entire system was corrupt. It would be an amazing coincidence if the “best” person to be king just happened to be the son of the previous king.

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