2000 Ford Windstar battery keeps dying after changing alternator?

My wifes 2000 Ford Windstar would not start the other day. So, we jumped it and drove it to Autozone to have the battery tested, the battery tested fine, but alternator failed (failed diode). We replaced the alternator and jumped the car again, recharged battery (with a crappy charger) for about an hour, then drove it home (about 20 minutes). Next day it was dead again, so I took battery out, took it to Autozone once again, had battery charged and tested, it tested good. Started up all night and in the morning, but around 5 p.m it was dead again! Please Help! This is getting very frustrating, time consuming and costly! I don't see anything that could possibly be draining the battery, everything is turned off.

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    1 decade ago
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    Those "checks" at auto parts stores, have told me the battery was good, But it never was! I would buy a new battery, if its getting old. And if you replaced the Alternator, it should have been NEW or refurbished not from a Junkyard!

  • 5 years ago

    Sorry, but.....if both the battery AND the alternator were bad when you purchased this vehicle, then all *should* have been resolved when each were replaced. Since they have both been relaced, I tend to distrust all opinions shared with you thus far. You have something (light under trunk lid, etc) that is draining your battery. This is the only reason a new battery would "die" so quickly. GL

  • 4 years ago

    2000 Ford Windstar Alternator

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