A Los Angeles question!?

Okay me and my cuz were talking. When we finally graduate highschool and get collage over with we were gonna move in together. But the prob is we live in georgia. And we want to move as far away as possible!

Here's what we want- some place warm. And some place on the beach or walking distance!

Or maybe if I'm jogging one morning I can see the ocean and stuff

Well I googled real estate in los angeles and non of them were even close! To the beach! So then I googled real estate in losangeles near the beach. Well I got the some result as before!

So I guess what I'm asking is there a place in l.a. closer to the beach were would it be and like wht would I google to find it. And also is l.a. a good place to live? Does it have a low crime rate???

(I know I'm only in highschool but I love to plan for the futur)

Thanks so much! :)


I do live in american I live in georgia

Update 2:

And no! I'm not a wanna be actress/singer! I wanna be a laywer

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    Sure, you can live in Venice or Santa Monica, just a few blocks from the beach. In Venice, over between Speedway and Pacific Ave, there are lots of apartments. For an example, Google: 23rd Place, Venice, CA You can see the back of the apartments if you put the little yellow Google Map man on streets like 23rd Pl, (which are actually the back alleys) etc. You can't see the front of the apts, because they're on walking sidewalks (no cars) like 23rd Ave. In Santa Monica, there are apts close to the beach, but also a lot about 20 blocks from the beach.

    Venice has a Boardwalk, and it's kinda weird sometimes, but lots of fun.

    http://www.westland.net/venice/ Check out the beach cam

    Santa Monica has a Pier. http://www.santamonicapier.org/

    Usually locals mean all of LA County (which is humongous!) when they say LA, but there is no beach in LA City, but lots of beach in LA County. That's probably why you had problems trying to look them up. You can Google: Santa Monica Apartments or Venice Apartments. You'll probably come up with the more modern apartments, the best way to look for older buildings in Venice and SM is by driving around, because the owners put up signs, rather than ads online.

    The crime rates vary greatly across LA. Most of the areas in SM and Venice are fine, there are some rough areas, just like almost everyplace else in LA, even very wealthy areas. But if you're careful, aware of your surroundings, have good locks on your doors and windows, and an alarm on your car, and don't do dumb stuff like walk around alone in the dark, you should be fine. A lot of crime is crime of opportunity, so just don't give anyone the opportunity.

    It's really smart that you've made a plan to graduate high school, then go to college where you are, and then move, because it is expensive to live out here. But obviously, many people think it's worth it! Learn a profession in college and then you can find a job out here. By the time you've graduated from college, our job market will be much better, because right now it's really bad, like no jobs. Do you have any plans for your profession yet? One really can't afford to live near any CA beach unless they earn a decent living, so college is absolutely necessary. It's really great that you will have a roommate, that will help with costs. At the low end (it can go way up), a one bedroom might cost $1500 in SM, but a 2 bedroom might be $1800. (Landlords typically want adults who aren't couples to each have their own bedroom, so they don't get too many people in one apt.) But if you both have decent jobs, you'll be able to budget for it. In LA, we spend more of our paychecks on rent and housing than most other places in the country, you get used to it.

    If you want to be a lawyer that makes the big bucks at biglaw (first year = $165,000 + $20,000+ bonus), then study super hard and get into a good college and law school, it's real important. A lot of young attorneys that work in downtown LA live at the beach, Marina del Rey (next to Venice), Hermosa and Manhattan beach, seem to be big favorites, even though it's a bit of a drive.

    Good luck!

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    Most people who ask this question are unprepared, unrealistic, with no money, no experience, no skills, (no visa), and no plan.

    If you are outside the United States, you will need a visa. The nice folks in the immigration forum can help you with that.

    You need a plan: First item on the agenda is rent. A decent 1BR apartment in LA currently goes for $1200, give or take. Nicer areas and areas closer to the beach are much higher. Don't expect to move to Santa Monica and get an apartment on the beach for that much. Or Toluca Lake, or Beverly Hills. Unlike many metro areas, LA is unique in that it extends for nearly 100 miles in every direction. There are no open spaces between towns. So the price tends to stay high until you are 70-100 miles from Los Angeles.

    Next, you will need a car. Los Angeles is VERY spread out, and train service is extremely limited. If you don't have a car, you will have to take a bus, which takes 3 times longer to get anywhere than a car.

    All told, it generally takes about $3,000 per month to live here. If you don't have a job that pays that much or skills that can get you that kind of job, stay where you are. If you are unskilled and work for minimum wage (or for tips like bartending or waiting tables), you'll only make about $1200 per month.

    And speaking of jobs, they are rather hard to come by now. College grads seeking employment are having a very tough time of it right now, since the job market is flooded with experienced people who were laid off. Unemployment is over 12% right now. Not exactly the kind of job market you want to move into.

    Finally, you will need money. Landlords want first month's rent and a security deposit up front. You'll need money for food, transportation, utilities, etc. The consensus in this forum is that you need about $7500 to start out.

    So there's your plan. And please don't tell us that you have dreams of being an actor or singer. That sets off another alarm. We already have a million (literally) wannabe actors in this town. Don’t even get me started.

    If you are looking for safer areas, go look at www.lalife.com and read the maps.

    Contrary to popular opinion, most of Los Angeles is not on the beach. Only Venice (part of LA) is on the beach). You'll need to look at places like Santa Monica, Hermosa Beach, Redondo Beach, Manhattan Beach, and places like that to do the "jog on the beach". But you can count on paying over $2000 per month for the privilege, even if it's a 1BR.

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    Los Angeles County is a county inside the state of California. L.A. county covers four,752 rectangular miles and has a populace of greater than nine million humans. The town of Los Angeles is inside L.A. county and is the county seat. The City Hall, courts and different reputable structures are placed in downtown L.A. There are 88 integrated towns, and a few extra unincorporated neighborhoods, that make up what's referred to as Greater Los Angeles. Such groups as Hollywood, Beverly Hills, Pasadena, Glendale, Downey, Compton, Anaheim, etc, are all towns, places, neighborhoods, in L.A.

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    Expect to pay somewhere within a $2000+ range for a small 1bd by the beach.

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    santa monica, marina del rey, venice its all expensive

    Source(s): i live in santa monica
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    3 words ... expect to fail

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