Which product do you recommend?

I'm mixed race with about everything you can think of lol. But from my dad's side we have really thick and curly hair, which is long and pretty. However I also get thicker leg hair (It's not majorly thick but because my hair is black it's more apparent). I get these little brown dots on my leg, I use to think it was from shaving but it could be KP and the shaving just makes it worse.

So i want to try hair removal creams. I heard that Sally Henson and Nair are both really good, but which hair removal products work better on thicker hairs. I don't have sensitive skin so i am willing to try anything. Thanks =)


@Nicky- when you use does it get all of the hair of or most of it? and do you use on just your legs?

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    Nair,but leave it on a little longer then it says on the box (No longer then ten minutes though that could burn like crazy!)

    If you leave it long enough it get's all of the hairs.

    Source(s): I use Nair and I have thick hair. I also use it for my under arms to when I don't feel like shaving :]
  • zeinab
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    Hair removal creams are no different from shaving since they both only chop off the hair from the top of the surface. In order to get rid of the brown spots, what u need is something that will not leave any in-growth on your legs. In-growth is the brown spots that you see btw, and this is caused by having hair cut off from the top of the surface it grows on.

    Therefore, I suggest that you try waxing instead of shaving or using hair-removal creams. This will not only solve your problem of in-growth, but will also reduce the thickness of the hair that grows on your legs if you continue to do it on a regular basis. Either hot or cold wax is alright, whichever you're comfortable with. Today, you do not even need to go through the mess of wax since you get ready-made strips with wax already on them - E.g. Veet

    Try it about 3 times and you WILL see a significant difference in the texture of your hair, trust me!

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