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How many months pregnant does a woman have to be for the doctor to test the sex of the baby?

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    i found out the sex of my baby at my twenty week scan then we paid for a private 4d scan at 26 weeks when it was confirmed. You could probably find out around 16 weeks if you paid privately, in the uk women only tend to have a 12 then 20 week scan unless the doctors say there is another reason for extra scans e.g bleeding etc: Hope this helps :-)

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    With my son I was 19 weeks when I found out, this baby I didnt find out until I was 20 weeks. My doctor says anywhere from 18-21.

    Source(s): Mommy to 23 month old Devin & 26 weeks w/a girl!
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    At least 3 months (12 weeks). We found out with our boys at 12 and 13 weeks. But they are easier to tell at that point. Not seeing anything doesn't necessarily mean girl, but often they will not make the determination of a girl that early. But if there is a visable penis...yeah...that is sorta obvious :)

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    i think anywhere between 14-21weeks(4-5 months) in normal, considering the baby cooperates.

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    14 weeks, as for months - well depends on if you consider a month 4 weeks (it's not) or 4.3 weeks (it is 4.3 weeks).

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