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Volvo Spark plugs for performance?

I have a 2005 S60R and i want to replace the spark plugs.

are these any good.

let me know.


Also can you describe the process to replace them.

I'm familiar with American car but not to much with European.

Also is there anything i can do that isn't expensive to increase power.

2 Answers

  • k
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    10 years ago
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    I can't help u with the plugs but regarding the performance.... Volvos are very good and resistant cars but if u want speed you should sell it and buy a BMW 3 series from 2004 (facelift). It has approximately the same price but it's faster and more sportive than a Volvo. BMW 330Ci gets a 3.0-liter variant with 225 horsepower and, as standard equipment, a six-speed manual gearbox. It's really a great car for younger folks.

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  • menut
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    3 years ago

    FYI Volvo do no longer manufacture spark wires,they purchase from third events,circulate to any motor vehicle save along with your pattern and that they are going to be greater advantageous than satisfied to help,undergo in ideas the wiring sequence

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