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is the Last name JONES a welsh name?

like Tom Jones and Katherine Zeta Jones both of them are Welsh right?

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    Tom Jones and Katherine Zeta Jones... aren't proper Welsh people, they can hardly construct a sentence in the language of their country. They are, what we Welsh-speakers would call.."Cymry cachu dêr."

    Jones is a very common name in Wales, but strangely enough, up to a few years ago, there was no 'J' in the Welsh alphabet and as someone's already pointed's only used in English-based names like 'jeli', jam, jôc.

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    Jones is a corruption of Johnson, as in "Son of John".

    It is a very common surname, and at the time Welsh folk had to start taking surnames to distinguish themselves from each other, presumably sometime in the Middle Ages, lots of their fathers were called Sion, or Ioan, or Ieuan (all Welsh versions of "John"). Thus they would all have ended up as "Joneses".

    It is a very common surname across the entire English-speaking world ("John" was a popular name, after all), and is proportionately more common in Wales, but is not at all specifically Welsh. As a matter of fact, the Welsh alphabet does not even contain the letter "J" (except for use with imported English words like "jeli" [jelly], or of course "Jones"!).

    Both Tom Jones and Catherine Zeta Jones are indeed Welsh though, as is Ryan Jones, Carwyn Jones, and plenty of other Joneses.

    But James Earl Jones and Tommy Lee Jones are American, for example, and plenty of other Joneses are not Welsh either.

    Jones can basically be considered an English surname (a short form of "Johnson") that will have been applied to any people (English or not) in those many areas of the world where English was used as the language of law and record-keeping.

    Source(s): My general knowledge. Also I'm Welsh, but I'm not a Jones.
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    I'd say English. edit: I've noticed that most Welsh names are plural-sounding and/or one syllable names like Jones, James (English as well), Owens, Evans, Maddox, and Phillips.

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    Jones could be Welsh.

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