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Black magic White magic Gray magic?

This will be a little long bt I'm a bit confused..

You see my uncle was once very short tempered whe he started looking into magic and crystals and that sort of thing.

He does things or has done things like..

Shrivelling a lemon with his mind, removing pain from someone with his mind and putting his hand/s over the hurt part and healing it(eg back pain)

he is very calm now and he always sees the good in things, he believes in the sir of thong eveyhing happens for a reason..

He is really into crystals and believes what they mean and has many.

One story is.. His Good friend wanted to buy a house but she didn't have too much money and the house was selling for around 300 thousand.. He went to the house and put "salt" or somehig like that around.. His friend or the house for 75 thousand.

Once one of my family members were joking around and stuck a pin through the eye o someone the family dislikes and he wen sort lf serious and said something ljmethats black magic, it will come back to you if you're not careful.. That sort of thing.

Also once another family member had trouble with work with this gut who was a real you know what, he gave them a necklace 2 days later he the famil member came to work and foun out the guy had a brain tumor. But the thing he gas the family member was not supposed to do that..

Once also a man was giving him a hard time and wouldn't leave off his property so something happed that guy ended up with a brain tumor..

Now he two last could be fluke but I'm not sure..

Anyway I'm interested in this and would Like to know what it is


I am very interested in this and would like to know what it is

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    all the answers your looking for are in the fundamental laws of magick. Look into Wicca and most of your Pagan religions for information on magick.

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    There is no grey magic

    Black Magic= Bad Spells

    White Magic=Good Spells

    Red Magic= Death Spells

    Use white magic for a better world


    Note: All rules below may or may not be followed, even if you don't follow all the rules or none of the rules that still gives you a right to be in the path of white magic.


    Use good magic on other people whenever you can, especially in their time of need.


    Never use black magic, even if you're angry at someone. Remember, revenge just leads to more revenge, then you two are going back and forth!


    When you enter a house, cast a protection spell to protect you and everyone else from any harm from the magical world.


    Try to mentor younger warlocks, witches, wizards, etc. The more you teach, the more white magics in the world.


    Never, and I mean NEVER, use white magic for your own personal love life. Don't attract anyone with a love spell, that's not even real love! And really, most imporantly, NEVER use a sexual attraction spell!


    Be kind to others. Cast some GOOD spell on your friends, and none on your enemies (unless you want to, as long as their safe). Your friend might find $20 lying on the floor, and you enemy just sits there in agony wondering, ''How the **** did they get a $20!?!''


    If anyone tries to mess with you or your family, murderwise or threatwise, just cast a bad luck spell or that painful cat ear spell; that'll leave them on the floor going, ''AHHHH THE PAIN AHHHH!!'' Plus, you didn't kill anybody.


    Don't tell anybody about a spell you've casted for a whole 24 hour period (keep a stopwatch if you must). Then tell them what you've done and they'll (by they'll I mean your friend(s) or family) will probably hug you for casting a good luck spell on them or something.


    Using money spells isn't really needed unless in desperate need. Let's say your parents, or you, are/is going down in your/their career. Money spell, easier plus you save lives (buying food)!


    To be more helpful, cast a money spell on a homeless person, or on an orphanage. Also cast some good luck spells here and there. Also try casting a snow spell; no school = happy children (also, happy me!).


    This is the most important rule of all...

    Never, and I mean NEVER, switch to red magic.

    Red magic is when you use your powers for death to others. Once you've killed a being with magic, you can never return to white magic; you kinda killed somebody! WITH MAGIC!! First off, you broke the law (of mortals), and secondly, you broke the law (of white magic).

    Don't switch. Stay to white magic, really.

    Grey magic? Meh, OK, come back anytime.

    Black magic? Er, kinda hard to come back from there, but fine.

    Switch to white magic today! If you don't, OK, continue on with whatever magic you're at. =3 But take serious consideration; think of how the world will be changed!

    Source(s): White Magic
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  • I have researched magic/magick for long years for a project I was working on. I will try to explain in a simple way.

    Magic/magick is simply a kind of energy. It does not have properties like good, evil, white, black.

    The possessers of magic(k), can channel and focus it to do their bidding.

    If you use the magic(k) to do harm to any living creature, there is a chance that it will harm you as well. Magic(k)'s power is mostly your emotions, so when you feel hate or grudge; the magic(k) consumes them and since those emotions are so strong, they also effect you. Black Magic(k) corrupts the very essence of the caster. It may instantly harm you or it may take long. Black Magic(k) sometimes is a two-edged blade. It gets the job done perfectly, but for a cost.

    If you use the magic(k) to help/save a creature, there is no negative effects. Beause you do it with either compassion or love, the energy consumes those and they are resolved into the Magic(k). White Magic(k) does not, in any way, harm the caster or the target. Because inside it, there is 'good intention/will'.

    While Black Magic(k) and White Magic(k) are mainly used for/against living beings, Gray Magic(k) is mainly used to balance the nature and laws of universe. But it can also be used on living beings to restore the balance.

    While you use White Magic(k) with an intention to do good, and Black Magic(k) with an intention to do harm; the one who uses Gray Magic(k) does not care if the target is good or evil, does not take sides, does not meddle with any fights. So what they do is mainly restore and balance.

    Gray Magic(k) is usually used to balance nature, so while White and Black Magic(k)s are mostly in the form of energy, Gray Magic(k) is physical since it is being focused on matter which is non-living.

    Keep in mind, determining whether a magic(k) is white or dark is a very very hard and confusing work.

    Because you have to take the good will/intention, the reason, the aim, the way and the result into consideration.


    So, now you can try and find out which situations were caused by White or Black magic(k).

    And I remind you, these concepts are all taken from Mythologies, Witchcraft, Demonology and such super-natural literature and historical findings.

    None of these can apply to the reality we are living in. So do not ever think these concepts ever happened/happening or will happen. You may research and learn about these as they are fun, but do not make the mistake of thinking they actually exist.

    Magic(k) affirms the existence of Souls, a God or multiple Gods or a super-natural, powerful being that controls a part or whole of the uninverse and as an atheist and anti-theist, I am strongly against those concepts.

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    Ok 1 black magic is powerful but dark, closer to a demons power then anything else and will most likely kill you if u try to use it without training and can rip your soul apart if u try to kill anyone else 2 white magic is healing magic, generally used by good people for tiny spells like making rainbows, summoning unicorns, healing people, animals, and plants (not designed for killing) 3 gray magic is more powerful then white magic as its a mixture of black and therefore its harder to control (black and white don't like each other) most of the time people try to get this power and end up dead it takes a lot of self control. if your born with gray magic then you should have a easier time controlling it if you where born with black magic then you should really consider learning white to control it otherwise you could turn into a demon and you know, eat someones soul by accident, that would be bad. if you where born with white magic then your fine, don't learn black magic, learn how to make your magic stronger. white cant become gray or black unless by force (mind control, potions etc) so to answer your question. it depends on what magic u have what magic you use. white or gray is the best. dark magic can control demons if you know the correct spells. extremely powerful white magic users have been known to have the power to summon angels particularly the archangel Gabriel or Michael if you find u cant use magic (not born with it, cant direct it etc) you can use salt, holy water, or sage or if your extra careful make a kind of paste with mashed up sage in salted holy water (should look like a green paste) use a mortar and pestle DON'T TRY TO GET POWER IF YOU DON'T HAVE IT if you try you may get killed, deformed, or worse (like accidentally summoning a demon and then they eat your soul)

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    Biblically, If you believe and do not doubt, y'all kin hav watcha wont.

    The original was a little different.

    Uri Geller used a little self hypnosis trick, imagine it's sooo hot in your hand .

    So hot it can bend metal. Then the spoons of several viewers did bend.

    And it wasn't Uri bending them, it happened again on rebroadcasts.

    The point is belief. If a crystal helps him believe or focus his intent...

    It ALL comes back again, good and bad.

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    white magic: healing magic, purifying magic.

    red magic: changing the weather, growing plants, dealing with the elements, shadowmagic,communications with the dead (can be neutral) curses (v00d00 dolls count as a curse depends on if the person deserves it or not).

    black magic: raising the dead, turning water to wine, skeletal warriors, love spells, manipulation spells, curses (if someone doesnt deserve to be cursed it can be bad for you.)

    If you dont leave your house you can get bad karma for not being around people, its crappy, but it happens.

    Source(s): read one dragonlance novel too many ;)
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    SOme people can heal others but its very very rare. And some of it just voodoo. there's good and bad voodoo but i don't believe youre suppose to be messing around with voodoo.

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    the unreliability and malevolent, self-ambitious workings or effects should be evident that it's demonic entities working with/through people, and they trick themselves into thinking they have power, but it's evident that they don't have power when they don't know how to control what they're working with, but that someone else has the control

    don't deal with demons, because they don't love you and they don't love God

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    don't believe in Magic tell your uncle to see a real doctor

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