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Sleeping pads for camping?

Where can I buy a foam sleeping pad? I don't want one of those dumb yoga mats, I need actual foam. Does anybody know where I can buy it on short notice? I leave tomorrow!

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  • chris
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    1 decade ago
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    Walmart has both the self inflating closed cell foam backpacking mats and the thick folda mats, I recommend those for car camping.

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  • Anonymous
    4 years ago

    Don't know what air mattresses you have been using but I have several Coleman that are 3-6 years old. Never had an issue. Make sure there is nothing on ground to poke a hole. I always inflate in tent If camping in cold weather or for backpacking they are not a good option.

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    Gander Mountain


  • 1 decade ago offer a wide range of coleman sleeping bags, Coleman Fairmont Sleeping Bag, Coleman Palmetto Cool-Weather Sleeping Bag, Coleman Kids Explorer Sleeping Bag, Coleman Richland Cool-Weather Scoop, Coleman Exponent Tasman X 0-Degree Hybrid, Coleman White Water Large Cool-Weather Scoop sleeping bag

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  • Mrbill
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    1 decade ago

    walmart had some. I bought an air mattress and love it.

    good luck.

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