do you believe within a few days storms will start to appear?

The gulf and others place will get battered

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    1 decade ago
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    The current forecast is that there has been little change over the past 24 hours to the tropical wave (Invest 93L) located a few hundred miles south of Haiti. The storm has brought heavy rains to the waters south of Hispaniola, with radar precipitation estimates from the Puerto Rico radar of over six inches of rain in the past day. The heaviest rains have avoided land areas so far. Satellite loops show a very disorganized system, with no low-level spiral bands and only limited heavy thunderstorms. Invest 93 is forecast to eventually enter the Gulf of Mexico within 5 days and with the very warm Gulf waters there definitely is a potential for this small storm to blossom into a very strong Hurricane. To add to this potentiality is the fact that the Gulf waters are 4F warmer than normal which leaves a lot more heat energy to help strengthen this now weak storm into a devastating Cat. 5 storm.

    Source(s): Weather Expert.
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    Right now the only area that has some potential for tropical cyclone formation within the next few days is over the northwestern Caribbean, as a disturbance moves through that area. Other than that it's pretty quiet elsewhere over the Atlantic basin.

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    1 decade ago

    according to what a few days is considered to be, because eventually storms will come

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