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NHL Draft Question. Who are the best rookies in the draft? Where will they go?

I know a lot about hockey, but not very much about the incoming rookies. Who are the best rookies and where will they end up. Whoever has the most amount right on where they end up going will get the 10 points for the best answer.

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    I believe it will go more like this, but I'll tell you who wins Friday night!

    1) Taylor Hall - Oilers

    2) Tyler Seguin - Boston

    3) Eric Gudbranson - Panthers

    4) Cam Fowler - Blue Jackets

    5) Brandon Gormley - Islanders

    6) Nino Niederreiter - Lightning

    7) Brett Connolly - Hurricanes

    8) Ryan Johnson - Thrashers

    9) Derek Forbort - Wild

    10) Jeff Skinner - Rangers

    11) Mark Psyk - Stars

    12) Mikael Granlund - Ducks

    13) Dylan McIlrath - Coyotes

    14) Jack Campbell - Blues

    15) Emerson Etem - Panthers

    16) Nick Bjugstad - Sens

    17) Calvin Pickard - Avs

    18) Vladimir Tarasenko - Preds

    19) Alexander Burmistrov - Kings

    20) Jonathon Merrill - Penguins

    21) Austin Watson - Redwings

    22) John Mcfarland - CoYotes

    23) Krill Kabanov - Sabres

    24) Teemu Pulkkinen - Thrashers

    25) Brock Nelson - Canucks

    26) Jared Tinordi - Capitals

    27) Charlie Coyle - Canadiens

    28) Quinton Howden - Sharks

    29) Alexander Petrovic - Ducks

    30) Jaden Schwartz - Blackhawk

    Those, I believe, are the top Thirty Rookies.

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    The teams order will be respected (unless trade happen) but any player could go anywhere. There is no guarantee like we see in baseball or football, in the NHL entry draft

    here is the top 10 ISS final ranking:

    1 Hall, Taylor LW 11/14/1991 L *6.00.5 185 Windsor OHL

    2 Seguin, Tyler C 1/31/1992 R *6.01 172 Plymouth OHL

    3 Gormley, Brandon D 2/18/1992 L *6.02 185 Moncton QMJHL

    4 Tarasenko, Vladimir RW 12/13/1991 L 5.11 202 Novosibirsk KHL

    5 Fowler, Cam D 12/5/1991 L *6.01.25 190 Windsor OHL

    6 Niederreiter, Nino LW 9/8/1992 L *6.01.5 201 Portland WHL

    7 Gudbranson, Erik D 1/7/1992 R *6.03.75 195 Kingston OHL

    8 Johansen, Ryan C 7/31/1992 R *6.02 192 Portland WHL

    9 Skinner, Jeffrey C 5/16/1992 L *5.10 187 Kitchener OHL

    10 Forbort, Derek D 3/4/1992 L *6.04.5 198 Under 18 USHL

    Top 10 Draft Order:

    1 Edmonton Oilers

    2 Boston Bruins (via Toronto)

    3 Florida Panthers

    4 Columbus Blue Jackets

    5 New York Islanders

    6 Tampa Bay Lightning

    7 Carolina Hurricanes

    8 Atlanta Thrashers

    9 Minnesota Wild

    10 New York Rangers

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    The best draftable players will go 1 and 2. LOL

    My bet is that the Oilers will chose Seguin and squeeze a draft pick outta Boston because they really covet Taylor Hall. Oilers are in a rebuilding mold and can wait another year for Seguin. They are strong on the wings and woefully weak at centre.

    No sense in picking all first rounders. Calgary and Toronto don't have first round picks so watch Darryl Sutter (who always makes draft day deals) and Brian Burke trade roster players for a first rounder. Florida has a lot of picks so they will likely want to get some NHL players for draft picks.

    I agree that ERIK GUDBRANSON will be drafted third. A Phaneuf like rambuctious hitter.

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    This is TSN's final draft ranking. To get this ranking they take a bunch of scouts input on where players should be ranked and they average them out to get the top 30 players.

    1. TAYLOR HALL- scoring winger

    2. TYLER SEGUIN- two way center

    3. ERIK GUDBRANSON- big, defensive d man

    4. BRANDON GORMLEY-two way d man

    5. CAM FOWLER- offensive d man

    6. RYAN JOHANSEN- two way, puck controlling center

    7. NINO NIEDERREITER- power forward type winger

    8. BRETT CONNOLLY- goal scoring center

    9. JACK CAMPBELL- athletic, hybrid goalie

    10. JEFFREY SKINNER- goal scoring center

    11. DEREK FORBORT-mobile d man

    12. ALEX BURMISTROV- playmaking center

    13. MIKAEL GRANLUND- smart, two way center

    14. AUSTIN WATSON- big, physical winger

    15. DYLAN MCILRATH- big, defensive d man

    16. VLADIMIR TARASENKO- goal scoring winger

    17. EMERSON ETEM- skilled center

    18. BEAU BENNETT- offensive winger

    19. NICK BJUGSTAD- all around center

    20. MARK PYSYK- smart defensive d man

    21. RILEY SHEAHAN- defensive center

    22. JONATHAN MERRILL- offensive d man

    23. JARRED TINORDI- physical, defensive d man

    24. EVGENY KUZNETSOV- playmaking wing

    25. TYLER PITLICK- offensive center

    26. QUINTON HOWDEN- two way winger

    27. TYLER TOFFOLI- good positional center

    28. JOHN MCFARLAND- offensive center

    29. JADEN SCHWARTZ- offensive center

    30. JUSTIN FAULK- offensive d man

    There could be lots of changes during the draft and these ranking don't take into account who is selecting.

    Draft Order:

    1 Edmonton Oilers

    2 Boston Bruins (from Toronto)1

    3 Florida Panthers

    4 Columbus Blue Jackets

    5 New York Islanders

    6 Tampa Bay Lightning

    7 Carolina Hurricanes

    8 Atlanta Thrashers

    9 Minnesota Wild

    10 New York Rangers

    11 Dallas Stars

    12 Anaheim Ducks

    13 Phoenix Coyotes (from Calgary)

    14 St. Louis Blues

    15 Florida Panthers (from Boston)

    16 Ottawa Senators

    17 Colorado Avalanche

    18 Nashville Predators

    19 Los Angeles Kings

    20 Pittsburgh Penguins

    21 Detroit Red Wings

    22 Phoenix Coyotes

    23 Buffalo Sabres

    24 Atlanta Thrashers (from New Jersey)

    25 Vancouver Canucks

    26 Washington Capitals

    27 Montreal Canadiens

    28 San Jose Sharks

    29 Anaheim Ducks (from Philadelphia)

    30 Chicago Blackhawks

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    Hall and Seguin all they way are the best rookies at the draft.

    One of them will either play for the Oilers and who is ever left over the Bruins will have.

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    I know Tyler Seguin is one of them.

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    Do I have to? It takes too long, and plus what if draft picks get traded around?

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