Has society made genetics racist?

You would have to be a complete fool to deny certain genetic traits, both mental and physical, are more prevalent amongst certain races and groups. With a basic understanding of biology and geography it makes perfect sense. Races were originally confined to certain regions. Traits that arose in one race probably would not arise in another. That trait would be spread throughout that race because, due to geography, they would keep producing offspring with the same race. However pointing out any of these traits somehow is racist, even though it's just genetics. Is our society so absurdly politically correct that even science can be considered racist?


Actually, he is right. Breeds of dog are all the same species. The same subspecies even. Canis lupus familiaris is the taxonomic name for the dog. A pit-bull and a Labrador have about as much in common as two people of different race. A black lab compared to a yellow lab would be more akin to a brown haired person's genetics against a blonde haired person's genetics (both of them are the same race).

Update 2:

Actually, I'm not Asian, but even if I was, that is irrelevant, as is your intelligence vs education answer. This question did not concern that. I am simply pointing out that it makes perfect logical sense that some traits may be more prevalent in some races and ridiculing societal conditioning that says that it is racist to do so.

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    10 years ago
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    1000% yes.

    Our "Western" culture demands that all people believe that there is absolutely, positively, nothing what so ever different from ANY OTHER PERSON on earth...

    Black, White, and Brown...

    Male and Female...


    And this is a known lie.

    Humans are as "Animal" as any other animal on the planet and just like how PitBulls tend to be more aggressive than Labs, they are both dogs and no one debates that they are both dogs... No better or worse than any other breed, just different.

    The same is true for humans.

    The idea that there is NO DIFFERENCE between boys and girls is from an experiment by a Canadian Doctor named Dr. Money. I'm not kidding... Google it.

    Search "BBC Doctor Money and the Boy With No Penis" then watch that video.

    A set of twin boys were born in the US and when the doctors went to Circumcise them both, something horrible happened and something went terribly wrong and one of the two boys had his penis and testicles "Burned Off". The doctor heard about it and swooped down to take advantage of the situation and convinced the parents to have the maimed boy's genitals rebuilt as a vagina and to raise the boy as a girl, never telling him that he was born a boy.

    He was determined to show that boys would play with dolls and be "Good Little Girls" if you raised them as girls because it was all a societally enforced "Gender Roll" that boys are violent and play with guns and girls are gentle and play with dolls.

    He lied and wrote many papers based on his lies and convinced the hippy population that if you just paint ALL children's bedrooms Yellow and Purple rather than Pink or Blue and gave girls toy guns and boys dolls you can make ALL people identical because it is only "Misguided Culture" that turns boys in to solders and girls in to homemakers.

    Medicine only recently has discovered that some medications work better or worse for blacks vs whites vs asians, etc.

    Medicine only recently has started testing medications and procedures on both men and women expecting men and women to react differently.

    It has been shown that African Babies mature faster than White and Asian babies... That some races, because of the evolution of that population to meet the needs of their specific day to day requirements, are more violent than others... "Smart and Stupid" do not really come in to play because even if a population has more or less "Smart" people than another, the range is so personally hardwired that it can't be judged... and the poster below is right that there is no "Good or Bad" due to skin color or genetics...

    ► Intelligence, race, and genetics

    ► Aggression and violence: Genetic, neurobiological and biosocial perspectives

    ► Intelligence, race, and genetics: Conversations with Arthur R. Jensen

    We need to accept that some peoples are more prone to being pitbulls and other peoples are more prone to be the black labs of the human species.

    Mental Illness is about genetics...

    Substance abuse and addiction is about genetics...

    What you eat and are exposed to changes the epigenetic structure of a child, making them more or less prone to mental illness and diseases as an adult...

    How you RAISE and TREAT your child alters the epigenetic structure of a child, making them more or less prone to mental illness and diseases as an adult...

    Literally... If the mother is depressed or bipolar, her very presence in the child's life is passive-abuse because that altered and unhealthy upbringing alters how the brain is hardwired and the very genetic structure of the child, resulting in not only inherited potential for mental illness and addiction, if you took the baby away from "Mentally Ill Mom" and gave him/her to NOT mentally ill mom, his risk for illness and addiction is dramatically altered.

    ► NOVA Science Now - Topic: The Epigenome:


    I don't support Eugenics but I find it sickening that we put forth more effort in the breeding of dogs and sheep than we do in to the breeding of our own species! The most intelligent people are slowing down their breeding rates while the most retarded, mentally ill, and substance addicted are breeding like rats and the more we allow the bad genetics of mental illness, violence, and addiction to spread, the worse off our species is as a whole.

    Listen to LoveLine... Listen to how generation after generation are destroying their children with drugs, alcohol, mental illness, and abuse... The generational transmission of trauma has gotten so bad that child rape has become NORMAL and almost ACCEPTED in these families!

    I have been researching this topic for most of my life and I have very intense feelings about the damage we are doing to our own people by allowing people to just bang and rape and breed our way to hell.

    I believe it was last month's issue of Scientific American Magazine that went in to the differences between men and women...

    I HIGHLY recommend you check it out by either going to a used book store and finding last month's issue or looking at the articles they have for free on their website:

    ► SciAm Search "Men Women"

    ► SciAm Search "Race"

    ►Race, IQ and Flynn

    James Flynn, who noticed that IQ scores have risen by three points every decade (a trend called the Flynn Effect), makes a case for why any racial differences in IQ are not immutable and caused by genetics. For more see his latest book, "What is Intelligence? Beyond the Flynn Effect."

    ► The Reality of Race ( Preview )

    There's hardly any difference in the DNA of human races. That doesn't mean, argues sociologist Troy Duster, that genomics research can ignore the concept

    ► Race-Based Medicine: A Recipe for Controversy

    Is race-based medicine a boon or boondoggle?

    ► Race medicine article: A magnet for controversy

    ►From Race to DNA

    Thinking about patients as ongoing products of evolution

    ►Same-Race Faces Spark More Activity in Brain's Face-Recognition Regions

    ►Tackling Race and Sports ( Preview )

    Review by Jon Entine argues that athletes of African ancestry are better than the competition

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  • 4 years ago

    In early times there wasn't really the racist ideal. That's why we have Thanksgiving.... which is now a day of mourning for many Native Americans. And I would imagine that the first Thanksgiving was a real day of celebration for both races, but when the honeymoon was over.... I think it is a learned survival instinct. More and more I think racism is over and classism will replace it, the Have's and Have-Not's. Esp. in America, doesn't matter what color you are, it's all about the green in your pocket.

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  • 10 years ago

    What a great question. Not sure if I can answer it.

    I think the main issue is not that people are pointing traits out, but that they've clearly been conditioned by society *not* to point them out; that by discussing them is wrong.

    In a discussion in a school staff room between 2 colleagues I noticed that it was fair to point out that African runners were genetically pre-disposed to be able to run faster than White Europeans. But not ok to point out that they were not genetically pre-disposed to swim faster than other races.

    I can't even begin to comment on whether the facts behind that statement are correct, but it does back up your theory I guess. I even feel slightly racist discussing this.

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  • 10 years ago

    ok the pit bull and black lab analogy doesn't apply to human beings.

    YELLOW lab and BLACK lab is a more accurate analogy

    Where is your research to support your claims?

    I don't think it's racist, I just think its unfounded.

    Again, you can say what you want, I'm not going to believe something simply because you "say so". So I ask again,


    I just don't believe that certain races are predisposed to certain behavior and characteristics, that's ridiculous. I believe people are a product of their environment, plain and simple.


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  • 10 years ago

    yeah so i guess you support the bell curve theory ...

    then your are going complain about how blacks are stupid and lazy and go welfare

    then if we are successful - your going to blame it on affirmative action

    there are genetic difference --- but it is people like you and hitler

    who show some things are better off not being discovered

    the kitth space: lab and bull dog would be equivalent to homosapien and homoerectus and neadrathal

    i dont think it would be the same as black yellow white

    just my opinion

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  • Anonymous
    10 years ago

    I can tell that you are Asian. Let me ask you this. Why do certain Asians and certain white people think that they are more intelligent, when they simply study more, or harder? Being educated and being intelligent are two completely different things.

    Source(s): Common sense.
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  • Lemgur
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    10 years ago

    I certainly agree that we are all different culturally and physically. However, we are all equal. Peolple fail to recognize the distinction between being different but equal, and thusly begin to generalize it into we are "all the same."

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  • 10 years ago

    its called steriotyping

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