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i want 超人特工隊影評 (英文答)plx...

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    Disney produced it more and more simulation power draw, even if we see them, but after all is to understand it all animation. The lone American hero has always been giving the concept of independence to go its own way, this out from the PIXAR animation production companies produced Super agent team concept is a wash, gave Superman a home, a typical rather than ordinary home.

    Superman Family Face stunt, but they can not fully express themselves. Matter source has not saved a Superman who saved, and despite good intentions, many people appeared to be how Superman should not be charged. In Peoples and the media pressure, the federal government only requested anonymity over the people and gave them the status of ordinary people, asking them over ordinary people's lives. Super hero Mr. unwilling to run around like a mortal only three meals a day, always remember the glorious days past, grow in his car, too beautiful life. His wife, Lady sling is just the opposite, had wanted a normal life and be a good wife and a wife, mother, and often remind their children over to Mr. and Superman do not disclose the identity and has a specific function, to avoid incurring unnecessary trouble.

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    A machine that Mr Green received a mysterious super-tasks required to Superman as he mobilized Dibu Zhu Superman addiction to the secret he promised to separate private island carry out this task but he did not find this is very old now hate most admire their own Mr. Super King set the trap.

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    There is no specific function over Mr. King, with his invention of a super weapon to help him look like Superman, while Superman 11 victory over the world. Super Slingshot Lady Mrs. distress when her husband learned that after struggling to rescue their children

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    and Bo Bai Xiaoli also secretly with a small impulse to go. Shot a lot of adventure to rescue the process, they were once subdued, but fortunately With each of the specific features, they scare avoid tragedies. Get others

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    Jiaoren praised wonderful. To film appearances, character modeling, structure design is quite clever mind meaning. The animation used computers for many portraits of high quality, designed to allow animation roles even more "human" performance.

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    Many of its arcades King is one of animation attraction, densely crowded metropolis, residential areas, desert island forest, lava waterfalls and other high-quality results are Jiaoren amazing. On the film's content, story than I imagined before not to see more rich and

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    unexpected. It does not monotonously into the Superman show generally loved by the people look like, but this brings up a good thing to save is often really "good intention"

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    of the truth. It goes to the original Superman is not better than anonymity, also Daochu a superhuman ability to not simply resist the enemy.

    to "home" among the elements absorbed in the story of a man with supernatural power to court would be how

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    functions in different combinations and brings out the effect of call me lovely, just as mother and son how to play after the crash from the sea, director of the "Tour" to the island. Also

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    call attention to the story of martial arts in particular, fragments of many who need to spend a lot of effort to make the plot of painting, production company spared no expense down and production, so that the action scenes to meet the needs of the audience.

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    Story of a little bit absurd, but the usual movie view story incorporating some of the fat people provinces, touch and genuine touching plot. I especially like the Superman one (except the youngest BB Park for at least a small positive role will not be present) to rush to

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    the city land at the scene after parking in crazy ways, Mr. Super Lady of a conversation with the slingshot plot. "... Because you do not want no ..." I do not want something lovers, but also because "love you", but you can not allow one to go.

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    No special tendency of the cartoon film, I, read this New Year animation, also think that might have a look. The film is higher than the early years

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    Colombia> and other more imaginative Disney animation, I really like the Lady of the ordinary housewife slingshot style, long hair Bai Xiaoli, E Mrs funny and picky personality, and high-level ice

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