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1.Choose a natural dusaster : tornado ,earthquake,hurricane,etc.

2.Work whit a group . Develop an outline with topic sentence ,supporting sentences, and concluding sentence.Then write the paragraph.

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    1.Choose a natural dusaster : tornado ,earthquake,hurricane,etc.

    There were two news about the nutural disarters like earthquake and

    . typhoon that I copy to you as follows;

    [1 ] The Red Cross estimates 45,000-50,000 people

    . have died in Haiti 's devastating earthquake,

    . as rescue teams race against time to find survivors.

    The US is sending up to 3,500 troops and 2,20marines .

    President Barack Obama pledged one of the biggest relief efforts

    . and said Haiti would "not be forgotten" in its hour of need.

    Aid groups say they need food, water, medical supplies

    . and lifting equipment.

    President Obama and French President Nicolas Sarkozy,

    . working with Brazil , Canada and other countries,

    . will organise a conference on reconstruction in Haiti ,

    . the French presidency has announced.

    The Red Cross estimates that up to three million people

    . in Haiti have been affected by Tuesday's earthquake.


    . 玉樹震災、西南旱災等。




    . 五一二更是「我要愛」的諧音,

    . 希望能共同持續為災民帶來更多祝福和祈願。

    Over the past year,there were frequent cross a major natural

    . disaster, like earthquake in Sichuan, Taiwan 88 typhoons,

    . earthquake Yushu, Southwest droughts.

    Now, you remember what happened it?

    Those images still vivid in my mind it?

    Disaster recovery situation and the state of the victims?

    Fenghuang Wang and Yahoo jointly launched the "512 Day wish,"

    . May 12 is "I want to love" homophonic,

    . hoping to bring together continuously for the victims and

    . pray for more blessings

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