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可以幫我翻譯 這篇 環保期刊 嗎 超急 超急....

All chain extension experiments were carried out in a Werner & Pfliederer ZKS-25mm co-rotating twinscrew

extruder with L/D ¼ 24, operating at 150RPM without vacuum. The extruder was fitted with a twin ARTICLE IN PRESS Fig. 2. Schematic mechanism of chain extension with multi-functional extenders leading to long chain branching.

M. Villalobos et al. / Energy 31 (2006) 3227–3234 3229

gravimetric feed system synchronized for simultaneous feed of the plastic and the oligomeric extender directly to the throat in the first zone of the extruder. All thermoplastics were pre-dried as per manufacturer recommendations and processed at right zone temperature settings to achieve the following melt temperatures:

PET, PBT, PA6: Tm ¼ 280 1C, and PC: Tm ¼ 300 1C. Joncryl-ADR-4368 was used as received. No catalyst was employed.

Resulting chain extended thermoplastics were characterized by a suitable combination of capillary rheometry, melt flow index (MFI), IV, tensile properties, and size exclusion chromatography (GPC), in full agreement with corresponding ASTM methods.

不好意思 6月24號要交了 急急 超急........

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    所有鏈延伸試驗共進行了1維爾納&Pfliederer ZKS - 25mm的合作旋轉 twinscrew

    擠出機的L / D轉換 6.3 24,工作在150RPM沒有真空。擠出機是裝有雙條新聞圖。 2。 示意圖機制鏈的延伸與多功能擴展導致長鏈分支。

    米亞洛沃斯等。 /能源31(2006)3227-3234 3229


    聚酯,PBT樹脂,尼龍 6:280 6.3的Tm 1C和郵編:300 6.3的Tm集成電路。 Joncryl,藥品不良反應 4368被用作歡迎。無催化劑就業。


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