Is this true about the 9/11 conspiracy?

Here is a video clip showing a trail of explosions just before the destruction wave.

Molten, beyond red hot, "steel" was video recorded coming out of the South Tower just before it collapsed. Jet fuel does not burn hot enough to turn steel to liquid. Melted red hot steel was also found in "ground zero" of all three WTC buildings, including WTC7; the one no jet ever hit.

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A chemical analysis of the solidified molten iron,conducted by independent firms, yielded an explosive, called Thermite. Also found was a WTC core beam; most probably cut using the demolition cutting charge (Thermate). No core beams were left standing beyond a few feet high, for it to have been cut by an Iron Workers torch.……


We also have a video recording, where owner Larry Silverstein, admits to demolishing WTC7.…


The New Conservatives (Neo-Cons), started planning the invasion of Iraq, even before Pres. Bush took office. Apparently, the plan would include the attack of the WTC buildings. It did this to get the support of congress and the nation, to attack Iraq. Read it from their own PENAC document. Pay special attention to the section entitled "Creating Tomorrow's Dominant Force" page 50 and the top of page 51, where it states we need a new Pearl Harbor attack to get the ball rolling.…


Witnesses saw a work crew going into the WTC buildings with rolls of wire, supposedly for internet upgrades. Tenants were moved around while crews "upgraded" the cable systems. The Port Authority cut power to the building for a whole weekend, just prior to the attack; shutting down the entire security systems. Witnesses also heard crews operating heavy hammering equipment that left a gray cement like dust, in the building. This activity took place just weeks before the 911 attack: The Port Authority had released control of the buildings to Larry Silverstein, six weeks prior to the attack: He made upwards of $5 billion off of the attack.

See "9/11 Mysteries" video: Time = 1:03:55 through 1:07:00 and 1:19:55 through 1:24:09…


There is also strong evidence to support a Douglas A-3 Skywarrior armed with a missile hit the Pentagon. One thing we can be certain about; it was not a Boeing 757, as our government claims. Listen to this retired General, He says, "The Plane does not fit the hole; so what did hit the Pentagon...?"

One might expect to see three holes in the pentagon, one for the main body and two more for each engine. The engine and engine parts were found outside of the building, they never penetrated the building thus no hole was created by them. The deep 18 foot hole was most probably made by an on board missile and not the aircraft itself. A radiation expert claims high-radiation readings near the Pentagon indicates depleted uranium (DU) munitions may have been used.

Witnesses say, the U.S. military secretly had Raytheon Co. refit an A-3 Skywarrior with new jet engines, a missile, and a Global Hawk guidance system, just prior to 9/11. Coincidentally, five key executives of Raytheon Co. went missing on 9/11. The official word is they died in the hijacked planes on 9/11.

The Jet engine(s) found may be key to identifying what type of aircraft hit the Pentagon: At the very least, they help determine a Boeing 757 did not hit the Pentagon. Both the jet engine housing as well as a "front end rotor head" have been identified as belonging to a Pratt & Whitney JT8D jet engine. The P&W JT8D engine has been used on the smaller Boeing 727 as well as a retrofit for the A-3 Skywarior. Two P&W JT8D's do not provide enough thrust to get a Boeing 757 off the ground much less sufficient power to perform the military precision maneuvers the aircraft in question did.

A photograph of a cracked windshield found at the crash site strongly resembles the top canopy glass found on the Skywarrior: No windows of this shape are found on a Boeing 757.

The landing gear is the one part found in the crash site that may be linked to a Boeing 757. It could also be a part that was retrofitted on an A-3 Skywarrior, since the wheels would most likely need to be replaced with something still available.

A geometric analysis can show the aircraft that hit the Pentagon is under 85 feet long and therefore too small to be a Boeing 757, which is over 155 feet long. An A-3 Skywarrior is 76 feet 4 inches long. See geometric analysis: also see revision note under comments.

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  • 1 decade ago

    No, it is not. Picking some out at random:

    "Jet fuel does not burn hot enough to turn steel to liquid".

    Probably true, but then I don't think anyone is saying it was the jet fuel that melted the steel. There was plenty of other combustible material in those buildings. Coal on its own does not burn hot enough to make steel yet you can make steel using a coal-fired furnace, you just have to enclose it and give it a good supply of air.

    "A chemical analysis... yielded an explosive, called Thermite"

    Research your chemistry. Thermite is iron oxide and aluminium, two materials that you are very likely to find in a skyscraper.

    Thermite burns slowly. The towers were supposed to have been brought down by a series of explosions timed to the millisecond. Not possible with thermite.

    "The New Conservatives (Neo-Cons), started planning the invasion of Iraq, even before Pres. Bush took office."

    Probably true. They desperately wanted a reason to invade. 9/11 was a good enough excuse. That doesn't mean they did it. If they did, as the answerer above pointed out, why not implicate Iraq in the attack?

    "The Port Authority cut power to the building for a whole weekend"

    A whole weekend - yes, that would be enough to wire up 3 huge buildings for demolition. (<<< sarcasm)

    "One thing we can be certain about; it was not a Boeing 757"

    So, the dozens of eye-witnesses who saw a civilian airliner fly into the Pentagon, many from very close by - they are all wrong, are they?

    The less wacko members of the conspiracy community now accept that it was a 757, and they claim that the missile / drone stories were actually invented by the government to make conspiracy theorists look ridiculous (as if they needed any help with that).

    When faced with these claims, ask yourself some questions:

    Is that evidence genuine?

    Is there a more rational explanation?

    Are they telling me the whole story?

    What was the supposed motive?

    If it was an inside job, why would they do it like that?

    How many people would have to be in on it and why have none of them come forward?

    Subjected to these questions all the conspiracy evidence falls apart. All of it.

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  • Anonymous
    4 years ago

    It's a movie for crying out loud. Did you also expect to find dinosaurs walking through your back yard after watching Jurassic Park. Grow up will you.

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  • 1 decade ago

    That's all crap.

    I've been following the conspiracy nuts for the last seven years and every time they come up with some stupid piece of information there are holes in it.

    The only conspiracy there was came from the MUSLIMS!!!!!

    Don't you people get that?

    They conspired for years to get to the point where they murdered thousands of innocent men women and children all for their "Allah" and on the orders of their islamic superiors.

    Geezz what is wrong with you people?

    Islamic Idealists destroy the WTC and now you let them run with conspiracy propaganda and allow them to build a mosque on the very site of the attack.

    Just yesterday they found more pieces of the bodies of the victims of the Muslim terrorists and there are still idiots who think it was a conspiracy.

    The lot of them are like those two aussies in Australia, They got drunk and decided to shoot each other in the @SS to see if it would hurt. Well what do you think happened?

    It hurt.

    The conspiracy nut-jobs have their brains in the same place of those two Aussies; in their @SS!!

    Source(s): Frustrated anger....
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  • 1 decade ago

    I can disect this conspiracy stuff a million ways...... but i'll just pick 1 right now. Look at your motive. It says they wanted to invade Iraq. So if they planned this conspiracy to invade Iraq, then why didn't they make any of the fake hijackers Iraqi? Remember, we didn't invade Iraq directly bc of 9/11. Instead we invaded them bc they might have WMD's which they might give to some terrorists. Wouldn't it of been easier to make some kind of link? I mean if you're going to frame somebody shouldn't you make it look like they did it, or atleast had some role in it? You figure it out.....

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  • 1 decade ago

    There's too much here for me to answer it all, so I'll pick the 'molten steel' item. Steel doesn't have to reach 'molten' in order to weaken and then bend, especially with the added weight of concrete on top of it.

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  • 1 decade ago

    It's true and some people made so much money of this

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  • 1 decade ago

    Yes it is true. Angry young muslims hijacked and destroyed several planes, buildings and human lives including their own.

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  • 1 decade ago


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