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Teens who write: What do you write about?

I see alot of teens on here asking questions like "Help me name characters in my story" or things like that.

For those of you who write stories, what are they usually about? I thought it would be fun to start writing but I don't really know where to start. Where do you get your inspiration?

Bonus Question: What's your favorite book you've read recently? I would love some suggestions, but please don't mention anything offense.

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    I love this question! Star for you. : )

    As to what I write... I honestly don't know what or how to classify the things I put on paper (or on a Word document). I've written everything from fanfiction (even Twilight fanfiction... why yes, you may shoot me now. I despise the series, I assure you; I was just stupid and young back then), drabbles, poems (surrealist ones, if you ask me. They seem so disconnected from everything, I wonder if I was high on drugs without knowing it when I wrote them), short stories and attempts at longer stories/"novels" (I don't consider or even think of writing a novel, actually; I write because I have to and for my own enjoyment).

    I've archived exactly six stories so far (stories that I've abandoned but might pick up on again in the future, although I highly doubt it), and almost all of them involved some sort of fantasy. I've run away from that genre now and aim more at realism and literary surrealism (if you read anything surrealist, you'd think I was out of my mind). There are two stories I'm working on right now, although I'm concentrating on one more than the other.

    The one I'm concentrating the less on is for pure fun, and is actually the kind of story I would despise to read. It's about a group of teenagers and how they brave through adolescence. The starlet is a poor girl who, through talent and hard work, has the amazing opportunity to attend one of the most prestigious schools in Europe. Her friends include a redhead with a Napoleon complex, a feminist goalkeeper and part-time ballerina, an overly Byronic OCD sufferer whom she can't get enough, a lanky blond who has an obsession with baking muffins, a megalomaniac who wants to get in her pants, and a few more ridiculous characters.

    I mainly wrote this story because I wanted to develop unique yet well-rounded characters (*cough* unlike the ones in Twilight *cough*). The storyline is really corny and I can't bear to write it anymore.

    My second story involves a family and the crisis they go through when something really horrible happens to one of their daughters because of their mother's involvement with some shady and revengeful mafioso. The elder sister knows she could have prevented the tragedy, so she's remorseful throughout most of the story, whereas the victim creates such a self-destructive behavior that she's sent away to a boarding school where she's ridiculed for her nationality. The story actually just follows the family through their hardships during three years and concludes with the death of one of the main characters, while the others develop into young men and women.

    I had at some point thrown this story aside, but always keep coming back to it. I'm too deeply-attached to the characters, I guess.

    I get easily inspired by the things around me, but mostly through sensation. To write well, you have to be able to feel well and to categorize your feelings and be able to explain them. I'm also inspired by music (especially by flamenco and classical pieces) and by good movies (not the habitual Hollywood crap you see every day). Other novels have inspired me as well as the occasional piece of fanfiction.

    BQ: My latest favorite is actually a collection of poems by Arthur Rimbaud, named Le bateau ivre (I think it would translate as The Drunken/Intoxicated Boat). It's amazing, and if you have an interest toward poetry I suggest you read it, although I'm afraid a lot of beautiful metaphors and sayings will get lost in translation.

    If you're a Twilight hater, I suggest you read some real literature, just to further prove what a disgusting disgrace to literature the sparkling vampire saga is. : ) Great books like:

    ~ Don Quixote, by Miguel de Cervantes,

    ~ Lolita, by Vladimir Nabokov,

    ~ Anything by Charles Dickens (although David Copperfield is my favorite!)

    ~ Anything by Jane Austen (Sense & Sensibility > Pride & Prejudice in my opinion)

    ~ A Farewell to Arms / For Whom the Bell Tolls, by Ernest Hemingway,

    ~ 1984 / Animal Farm, by George Orwell.

    Have fun reading! And if you need any help regarding writing, feel free to drop me a message, I'd love to help. : )

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    I enjoy writing about action type things. I was once writing a book about this dragon thing a ma bob...but a few years later I read Eragon for the first time and realized how it sounded just like it but not as well written. Blah.

    I also wrote a story on a mouse that was a involved a lot of things. Vikings, love, betrayal, and then a bit of odd stuff(it was this weird kind of rape, not trying to be offensive to victims), ya.

    I'm currently writing a wolf story, too...

    I get inspiration when I'm forced too, off of other books, or sometimes even just an idea that crosses my mind. For example, for the wolf story, I wanted to write a story on this one wolf website were they make you have it realistic. It took a few tries, but I have a good story line now.

    For the mouse one...firstly, I had to for class, and I got inspiration from this one comic book that was more like art...

    BQ: Ugh, well, I'm reading Brisignr(if that's how it's written). I really like it! I've read a ton of good books lately... :S

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    I like writing about betrayal and murder stories and crime. I also like to write about people and their inspirational stories about how they get somewhere or to a certain place. I also like to write about mystery and suspense stories because those are the kind of stories I think keeps most readers in-tuned in the book without getting bored. I have actually been reading the Pretty Little Liars series by Sara Shepard...I know there is a new tv show on abc family but so far ,in my opinion, nothing compared to the books. I love how it is kinda suspenseful and keeps you guessing throughout the whole first kinda come across as a "girl" book if your a guy but I think anyone would love it because it definetily get s good...I also like Edgar Alen Poe Tell Tale Heart...and Ik it's kinda old but it's short and I like it. But I soo recommend reading Pretty Little Liars and keep reading onto the next books in the series as well :)

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    I write about alot, but I like to write about supernatural themes, and action/romance. My best inspiration comes from me picking a random object from my head and basing the story on that e.g. A place, A plastic bottle, a homeless person.

    I also took writing classes and it helps to have that experience under your belt. After all, you should show and not tell.

    I agree, Stephanie Meyer can do nothing but appeal to the growing problem of illiteracy in the world. For a great book that is simple, well written, speaks to the heart and is very well put together, try The Messenger by Markus Zuzak.

    I would be happy to swap creative writing material with you, just contact me :D

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    I personally write about things that I have in common with life. Like I would make emo characters bi characters, etc. Sometimes I write about vampires. I like that they're fast, attractive, etc. WHen I get my inspiration from having premonitions and stuff. I actually do enjoy the Twilight series but not all of my inspiration comes from there. When I want to write, I take my notebook and lock myself in the bathroom. I sit on the counter and pencil in characters, plot, storyline, etc. Soon I have a story about an emo girl who wants acceptence and is rebellious against her parents and teachers, but has a soft spot for her boyfriend and niece. Which is my idea so don't copy it.

    Source(s): My brain. Premonitions. Dreams. Etc.
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  • Grace
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    4 years ago

    If you want to enter the contest then you have to be able to think of your own ideas. If anybody on Yahoo had brilliant ideas for stories, they'd be writing the stories themselves. All I can suggest is to find somewhere quiet and write down anything that comes to mind. Or listen to some music you like and try and create a story with that. Like if the song is about a relationship, then create a back-story for the relationship and work from there. If you want to write then it has to be your own.

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    I mainly right realistic fiction stories. I use personal experiences in them but try to make them relate-able to other people as well. They're not stories that have the idealistic perfect ending where everyone lives happily ever after; they're just endings that mirror real life and the ironies in it.

    BQ: Try the book called Party. Its really good. I felt like I knew each character in a way.

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  • 10 years ago

    I have a bad habit of strictly writing a horror/romance mix. I need to branch out but, I write poetry too which is about literally everything.

    BQ: Definitely "the Book Thief"! It's a great book. I am starting to read a series called "The Devouring"

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  • 10 years ago

    I used to write all the time, but haven't in ages. I would write about twin sisters, magic books, a horrible attempt at a horror story involving an unfinished hospital. etc. you kind of need to write about something you feel strong about or else you'll get bored.

    BQ: Whip It by Shauna Cross is my favorite book, it's soo good! Also Sarah Dessen books, Ttyl, ttfn and l8tr, g8tr (lauren myracle) and marcelo in the real world (francisco x stork) are all really good too.

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