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I leave for the hotel tomorrow what will that be like and what will it be like at meps.
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  • Robby answered 4 years ago
goodluck i go to meps as well

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I made my decision based on accuracy of article 15 -2 and some of you may think im biased and what not but hey freedom of speech anyways

i have 3 honorable mentions you 3 get wheaties like ron artest ..... and the lucky winners are

alex kevin and low key congrats!!!!! good luck in the real world
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  • lowkeyrpg answered 4 years ago
    You will be in a room with 1 other person that will be going to MEPS the same day as you will. A day at MEPS is like being at the DMV, A LOT of waiting. A very long day of "hurry up and wait", try to be the 1st person in every line. They do a full medical screening, draw blood, urine tests, hearing, eye exam, heighth, weight, and for males it is a more thorough check up. Try to get a lot of sleep the night before MEPS. Prepare for a long day!

    *** I don't know why someone gave me a thumbs down, my answer is accurate and true***


    I went to MEPS last month.
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  • Alex answered 4 years ago
    There are a lot of things about MEPS that sucks, but it gives you a small taste of the military. I'll give you a run thru of what happens: Thursday: arrive at hotel and eat buffet, curfew is 10. Friday: Wake up call at 5 am, turn in hotel keys and eat breakfast buffet. Get on bus head to MEPS, arrive around 5:30am. Organize in front of meps in single file lines and get briefed by a drill instructer (make sure you have socks and underwear on). Take your belt off and any jewelry and head through metal detectors. Store your belongings in a room and head to the designated area. Quick run through was given to us about meps and then you begin. First you see your branch liaison(mine was air force) and he gives you your name tag. The first things I did was fill out paperwork. Next was a hearing test, vision test, and then depth perception test. Next you get your doctor interview which is private and yes you drop your pants and he feels your balls and you have to turn around and spread your cheeks. He doesnt touch your your butt though. He examines your body for scars and asks general medical questions. Next you get your blood drawn, then you have a pee test, everyone peed using the urinal and the proctor wasnt looking over our shoulders when we did it, but the bathroom was jam packed. They took my blood pressure and then you go in a room with about 10 guys, and you strip down to your underwear. They weigh you and get your height. Then you go through a series of movements (including the duckwalk) to see if your joints are good. The one that sucked the most was walking on your knees on the tile. Then if you pass everything you see your liaison and get your job and get sworn in. It sure was an experience, and I dont want to do it again. My biggest advice is to not stress it, its no big deal the test are easy. And just something i noticed, anyone who said they drink alcohol at all on the application got incomplete at meps because they have to go home and get counseling to prove they are not alcoholics and then they can come back to meps to finish. My opinion is to put zero times for the alcohol part, unless you really are an alcoholic, then i would try to get that fixed first.
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  • ? answered 4 years ago
    I'm assuming its the visit for your physical and job selection? Just prepare to have a long day. I was there for 13 hours when I went. I was so nervous the night before that I ended up getting about 1 hour of sleep. I also wanted to make a good weight so I had barely eaten 2 days before I went. It felt like I was going to pass out and I was soooooooo tired haha. You just sit there and wait to be called for hours and you aren't allowed to sleep. We had to watch soap operas the whole time because they wouldn't change the channel! Definitely the most boring day of my life

    Oh and I don't know what MEPS you're going to but the MEPS staff is mostly civilians and they try to act all hard *** and treat you like garbage. Just don't talk back or they'll tell the other staff members and make you wait even longer(it happened to one kid while I was there, they purposely passed over his name on the list and made him go last for EVERYTHING).

    Overall the whole MEPS process is inefficient and takes 20 times longer than it should but its just something you have to do. Have fun! haha


    It seems like people just give thumbs down for no reason haha.
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  • superlumpiaboy answered 4 years ago
    First they search you because you can't bring any weapons inside. Expect a lot of waiting. I got a full physical, filled out plenty of paperwork, some people take written or computer tests. I finally got my named called to meet the person to pick my MOS and I was so tired of waiting, I picked the third job thrown at me. Signed a lot of signatures, did my oath then went back home.

    The second time around, they gave me a plane ticket and I was on my way to BCT.
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  • AD answered 4 years ago

    Depending on the MEPS you're going to, you're going to need a lot of patience. Especially if there's a lot of people joining when you are.
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  • devgru answered 4 years ago
    boring.... very very boring
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  • why answered 4 years ago
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