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How much fluency should I have to be a foreign exchange student?

I want to become a foreign exchange student my junior year of high school. I've decided I want to visit Taiwan. The info about the programs says no Mandarin is required, though they would like if you have some. I am almost done with Level 1 of Rosetta Stone Mandarin. Would I be able to communicate, fit in, make friends, and live for a year in Taiwan with that much knowledge?

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    Rosetta Stone....ehh, I don't know. Haven't heard a lot of good stuff from people using that program. I would have suggested that you used Pimsleur or Teach Yourself instead. Though if you can hold a decent conversation, form/read sentences, and basically have the basics down then I don't see why you're not prepared. Though some exchange programs prefer if you don't know much considering you're going for language immersion, but not all are like this. It really just depends on what exchange program you go through. They'll place you with a family, or in a specific location depending on your fluency level.

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    If you got the basic Chinese that would be great. you also should still more practice with native or Chinese speaking guys. I recommend you can continue to study with Rosetta stone or find a tutor local or online , it wil correct your mistake and make you take less wrong way.

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    I think that you should have intermediate-advanced at least. If you go with basic, you will learn alot though and eventually be able to fit in, but maybe not at first.

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