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Out of all the Silent Hill Video Games, which one is most like the Silent Hill Film?

Out of all the Silent Hill video games I have seen, it looks like the Silent Hill 2 video game is most like the Silent Hill Film, but I don't know for sure I may be wrong. Can someone tell me which Silent Hill video game is most like the Silent Hill Film?

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    The movie is loosely based on the original Silent Hill game. The basic premise for both the movie and the game is the same (a parent searches the mysterious town of Silent Hill for their lost daughter after a car crash), but the core of the original story (i.e. - the nature of the cult, certain characters, certain creatures, etc.) were altered or changed completely for the movie. There were also other elements taken from other games in the series that were included in the movie. Here's the original Silent Hill's intro FMV so you can see some of the similarities and differences:

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    Hope this helps. :)

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    The movie SIlent Hill is based upon the original game. Only with differences but the storyline is essentially the same. Instead of a father, it is the mother. Names have been changed. So on.

    Also most of the hot spots from the first game are featured, such as Midwich Elementary, the hospital, the beginning nightmare thing in the on.

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    Dahlia Gillespie is an eccentric old woman who owns an antique store in Silent Hill. Underneath this façade, Dahlia is a key member of the Silent Hill cult and the mastermind behind Alessa’s birth and injury. Dahlia is Alessa's mother, though their relationship was anything but loving. Dahlia coerced Harry, via his quest to find his missing daughter, into helping her find and subdue Alessa in the Otherworld so she could make the girl birth the God. Upon the God’s birth, Dahlia was killed by either the Holy Woman in White (Incubator) or by Incubus. Alessa Gillespie is the enigmatic apparition that Harry Mason encounters during his journey into the hellish town at the start of the game. It is revealed that Alessa was originally meant to take in her mother's footsteps and become a Priestess of the Holy Woman sect. When Dahlia and the other cult members found out about her powers they decided that Alessa would be the perfect vessel for the God. It is speculated that Dahlia is Alessa's birth mother and that Dr. Kauffman is the biological father. Alessa, who was troubled by many psychological problems, refused to take part in the cult’s activities. In order to hasten the birth of the God, Dahlia burned down her house with Alessa inside. Alessa would then split her soul in half and create a new baby. This baby would be found by Harry Mason and his wife. She would be named Cheryl Mason. Alessa would spend the next seven years in a coma suffering in a hellish nightmare, which ultimately becomes the basis of the darkness that Alessa spreads in Silent Hill. Upon Cheryl’s return to Silent Hill, Alessa would send out her soul. After Harry crashes, the souls of Cheryl and Alessa merge. At the final battle, the physical Alessa, clad in the robes of Valtiel, and the Soul of Alessa are merged and form the Holy Woman in White aka Incubator aka Mother of God. When Dr. Kaufmann throws a bottle of Aglaophotis on the Mother of God she prematurely expels the demon known as Incubus aka the Demon God Samael. Harry is then able to defeat the prematurely expelled and thus weakened Incubus. After the battle the Holy Woman in White reappears. She gives Harry a baby with the complete soul of Alessa and Cheryl, which in a way is the Holy Woman in White herself reborn. Hope this makes things clearer

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