What do you think about Albert Haynesworth situation?

So he goes to WA guaranteed $40MIL, then decides not to show up to camp! Will this reflect on the team?


interesting. didnt know they switched the scheme on him.lol id be pretty pissed too

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    It doesn't reflect on the team, basically Hanyesworth(less) is showing that he is not a man. The NFL is buzzing about Haynesworth being lazy and unfaithful to the contract he signed. There is no justifying that the team made a 4-3 to a 3-4 switch and he doesn't want to play because he signed up for a 4-3 defense. If you get a 100million contract and get almost half of it in guaranteed money, you better suit up and play some damn football.

    Haynesworth will be traded, that's fact and already been discussed. The real problem is that who wants him at this point? And who is willing to take over that big of a contract on someone who has some SERIOUS issues?

    All in all, it wont reflect on the team. Because the team is showing up to play and do what they have to do, Haynesworth is just... useless.

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    I think it does reflect on the team a little bit because, once again, Dan Snyder went out and paid waaaaaaaaaaay too much money to a troubled (or old or overrated) player. This has been the Redskin's MO since he took over the team. He is the worse owner in the league.

    As for Albert Lamesworth himself, did he really sign a 7 year contract and think his role with the team would NEVER change? C'mon you big fat baby!!! Strap on your helmet and earn that 31 million dollars you've been paid already! Almost every Defensive tackle in the league has filled-in at end at some point. Lot's on ends have been converted into linebackers. This is the way the game is played today. If you aren't flexible, you suck and you can't play. Period.

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    1 decade ago

    A poster before me called the Redskins idiots......Haynesworth is not the only player who plays better in a contract year, every player in the history of the league played better in a contract year, so just about every NFL team at one time or an other has fallen victim to this trap!!

    The Redskins should not trade Haynesworth!! He is not calling the shots, Shanahan is!! The Redskins should force him to play nose tackle or have him sit on bench and watch his stock go down....it's up to him, get with the program or ruin your career!!!

    The skins have already paid him more than $30 million of that contract so make him play I say!!!

    The situation does not reflect on the Skins...as I mentioned every NFL team has been through it at some point....it's just the business of NFL football!!

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    Seriously, Haynesworth? You have a $100,000,000, 7-yr.. contract to play 17, 1-hr games a year, but you don't want to because they SWITCHED THE SCHEME?!?! You don't know how lucky you are. My 57-yr old father works 10-hrs days, all week long, as a mechanic, all year long, to make 60k a year, yet you don't want to make a fortune by playing a game because you cant play your favorite position? You need to step down from that pedestal you are on and work with the rest of your team to help make the Redskins a great team again!

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  • 1 decade ago

    I think it proves the Redskins are idiots. EVERYONE said that Haynesworth only played well in 2008 because it was a contract year. He has been a joke ever since he joined the league. Tons of potential, but a complete bum.

  • JLD
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    1 decade ago

    I hate him right now. He got his money, huge money. How is he going to to tell the team he does not like the defensive scheme and threatens not to play/trade? WTF. All that money and the team wants to explore other options to improve defense and he says "No." When did he become the coach, gm, coordinator etc... Players play and coaches gameplan and call plays.

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    He's a lazy punk and takes the nfl for granted!

  • 1 decade ago

    he is a bad example for an NFL player

  • 1 decade ago

    it showed that he only care about the money.

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