Is this a spider bite?

I woke up and realized I had a small red ring (which is actually darker)with a black scab(which I'm not sure is a puncture mark) on the lower end of my knee. It's not hurting, just a little bit sore. I contacted poison control and they said it sounds similar to a brown recluse spider bit, but I'm not 100% sure. But picture is enclosed. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Sorry for the quality of the picture.


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    Picture quality is not that good therefore I will help by supplying you information on a brown recluse spider bite.

    This is what it may look like (however, its usually worse):

    This is some information on it:

    ^^This website is very helpful. It tells you symptoms, pictures, and even treatment for a brown recluse spider bite.^^

    I hope I helped. Use your common sense and be safe, if you feel as though something is not right, even the most minor symptom, I would advise for you to seek immediate medical attention and help. This is nothing to play around with. Be safe, be careful, Take Care! I hope I helped. Feel better! (:

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    not really sure.

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