Ummm i confuse myself?

okay some of you may think this is stupid... well im a 13 year old girl and not to sound conceded, im a pretty girl at that or atleast thats what everyone tells me?? i have my days where i feel like a peice of crap tjough well thats not the point of this,,,, ok, i listen to alot of old music like 70s stuff like alice cooper black sabbath led zeppelin the who the rolling stones and alot of 80s my fave band is metallica and i like def leppard guns n roses van halen zz top rush i love queen umm i also listen to soundgarden and nirvana sex pistols the jimi hendrix expirience foreigner boston billy idol aerosmith stuff like that and 80s like pop/new wave stuff but i like rock better :) i absolutely HATE todays music and shows and how everyone needs there little 400 dollar phones and apple comps and technology is seriously getting outta hand but then im here with a nice phone touch screen and all (its a plam pre i got a hookup at sprint ) and then im an avid videogamer i have a ps3 and a ps2 and play expert on gh so i feel like im contradicting mnyself its like im supporting the stuff im against kinda??? i really dislike most of tadays society bs like the jersey shore meatheads and all the rapper guys with there pants at there damn ankles!! and also i think the video game thing is fer guys so i usually dont tell anyone just like i really like beavis and butthead and i feel like thats a guy thing :) yea i wish i lived in the 70s 80s and 90s :/// well somethings that i ask myself are how do you like videogames your a girl??!?!?!?! and how do you like them if you totally dont support all the tech crap even though i have like a nice phone??? i dont get myself ??? ''/

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  • 10 years ago
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    OH! You're kinda like me, who hates how there seems to be this need to keep up with someone. Realize this: YOU DON'T HAVE TO KEEP UP WITH ANYBODY.

    Music: I have the same taste as you(mostly, not in to too much heavy rock) I LOATHE today's music, nobody really writes actual music anymore.(When it comes to music, I'm old... lol)

    Technology:I'm a nerd. I love gadgets. I don't have a huge concern for what is most popular, or the highest specs, or how fashionable it is(you'd be surprised how many do...). Video games-I have a PS2 and Wii. I play em, but I dont play the heavy duty games. It's not worth my time. I know how you feel. Girls can play video games too, no such thing as it being a guy thing. (Lucky, GH Expert! i can't even play Easy!)

    I still don't get why some one would want to pay so much for technology, when they could get something that is more practical, less expensive, and just as good...

    Overall, be happy with your life, be happy that you were born when you were, that everything happened as it did. There is no reason to regret anything at all. Live like you want to and be free.

    Source(s): I'm 17, and I love life.
  • 10 years ago

    You've might want to talk to your prescribing physician about re-evaluating your current dose. Good luck.

  • 10 years ago

    go to the mall n depend on sum guy to give u ur monay. kuz u sound like ur life will end up that way anyway.

  • 10 years ago

    You are in a time warp. Change your meds and you'll be ok.

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