Oil on spark plug, what gasket to replace?

So my car smokes on acceleration, and randomly checking my spark plugs i found oil on my plugs. Thing is its only on the metal "gasket". The threads and electrodes are dry still. Which gasket is probably bad? Head gasket, valve cover, or spark plug gasket? Online searching seems to say plug gaskets. Are those easy to change? Car is a 95 v6 honda accord. Also would oil on the gasket of the spark plug cause smoking on acceleration or should i still investigate elsewhere....thanks

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    Oil on the outside of the plugs would be a valve cover gasket but it would not cause it to smoke on acceleration. If it smokes under acceleration it may be piston rings, if it smokes when you let off the gas it could be valve seals.

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    Spark Plug Gasket

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    If your valve cover gasket isn't leaking then it very well may be your spark plug seals are leaking. The oil is just making its way down to leak on top of your exhaust or another hot surface below is where the smoking comes in....Easy fix, I believe you'll have to do it from the inside which means you'll need a new valve cover gasket along with the new plug seals

  • Richie
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    Don't try replacing gaskets unless you're sure, that can be extremely pricey.

    A few years back I had the same exact issue with my car. But after I changed out the spark plugs and wire set it didn't give me any more problems. I also shoved a paper towel in to get the oil out.

    I don't know if it matters, I also changed the timing belt at the same time.

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    if the oil isn't on the threads then you have 2 problems most likely. oil on the metal gasket indicates a valve cover leak or if you have the tubes that the spark plugs go into, they have rubber o-rings on the bottom that would be leaking too.. i forgot if these engines have the plugs in the middle of the valve cover or not..anyway it can't hurt to change them all ..they are cheap enough. a good valve cover gasket kit should have all the o-rings in it too. just pull out the tubes after your valve cover is off and follow the instructions in the kit. smoke on acceleration is what color? if black then its running too rich.. if bluish gray smoke then its burning oil...probably past the piston rings. do a compression check because it might be only one cyl that is going bad.

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    most imports have valve cover seals for the openings where the spark plugs are accessed. Call you local dealer or part store and see if they sell the seals seperate. In some cases you have to buy a new valve cover asm.

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    5 years ago

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    Mis-installed valve cover gasket, most likely...

  • walt
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    1 decade ago

    Head gasket.

    Source(s): Ex Mechanic.
  • Z31
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    1 decade ago

    its most likely the head gasket if oil is getting into the combustion chamber. Check for signs of coolant leaking into the oil also.

  • 1 decade ago

    Sounds like piston rings are burnt up...high miles?

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