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Who or what is Jane Doe?

I have seen this name used many times on crime shows... but they never explain who "jane doe" is . So who is Jane Doe?


Thats kind of what i figured ... Because they never show a face for the "Jane Doe " character.


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    It's a name that's assigned to a person that they don't know the name of. Other examples are John Smith, Joe Bloggs, etc. Jane Doe and John Doe are the American versions; it's a common name that's meant to signify an "everyman" presence; that is - it could be anyone.

    It's commonly used on crime shows because they're looking for a suspect that they have no idea of the name of, or if someone has decided not to give their name for personal/legal reasons.

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    Jane Doe and John Doe are generic names.

    If there is a person that does not want to give their name or law enforcement cannot find the name of a person, they get Jane Doe or John Doe assigned to them depending if they are male or female.

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    In legal things and there is an unidentified woman/girl/female they just classify her as "Jane Doe" until they find her name...I think. Sorry, I'm not a genius. BUT I read a book series (really good read, you should try it) by Robin Wasserman about a girl named Jane Doe or 'J.D.'. It's called Chasing Yesterday, and it's amazing!!

    Lol hope I helped!

  • Jane Doe(or John Doe,if it's guy) is a name given to dead people who don't have id with them when they are found.Or, it's for live victims that don't have id and refuse to tell their name, or unable to because they're in like a coma or something.Somethings they change up the first name,if they feel it's appropriate, like changing Jane t

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    "Jane Doe" is a name cops or someone in law enforcement gives a woman when they cannot identify the body. And "John Doe" is a name for a male when they can't identify a body.

    Glad to help!! =)

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    An unidentified female corpse.

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    "Used as a name in legal proceedings to designate an unknown or unidentified woman or girl."

    Source(s): www.thefreedictionary.com/
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