Dell error code 0142 (2000-0142) hard drive faulty - how much will it cost to get this fixed?

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I ran diagnostics on my computer after it froze on the first screen when you switch the computer on (Dell XPS 430 Vista (32 bit)) and I got the error code 2000-0142. From my search on more
Update : I live in the UK
Update 2: Whats a HD?
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Hiya done a bit of research on this I dont have this pc so this is the link try this nothing to ose really.

all the best..Barry


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  • Kevin answered 4 years ago
    i think that the question you should ask yourself is, "How much am I willing to spend on a new HD?"
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  • Tate answered 4 years ago
    New hard drive: $50

    Installation: $50

    Knowing that you just blew $100 on your laptop: Priceless

    *But seriously I think its going to be around $100.*
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