Bicycle Racks: In your town/city, is it a requirement for apartments to have minim. # of bike racks 4 parking?

Hi I am having trouble with my apartment managers. I live in Canoga Park, CA (Los Angeles) and we have a 2 bedroom, and only one car parking spot. So, I decided to bike. But, I don't have the upper body strength and also my foot is injured (not so much that i can't bike though) so i can't carry it up and down the stairs every day (sometimes more than once). Is this discrimination that they won't accommodate me with bicycle parking? Is there a requirement in your town/city to have apartments supply a minimum number of bicycle parking spots/place to lock up bikes?

Thanks so much in advance - any links and sources are highly appreciated!


my managers already ruled out chaining it to a tree, post or gate, so that is not an option. Believe me, I have tried everything.

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  • 10 years ago
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    No not in my city. And not being able to carry a bike upstairs is not a protected class. Sorry, chain it to a tree or a sign if you cannot carry it.

  • 10 years ago

    Yes, there is a regulation which concerns USA too: every car park must provide 10-30% of its space for bicycle parking. Ideal bike racks to be placed in such situations

  • 3 years ago

    Park it next to a stable submit like a capability pole or street lamp and chain it up with a stable logging chain in a plastic hose that isn't scratch your motorbike with a hefty padlock. do not use a street sign or something which would be got rid of with a million bolt. U bolts and cables are junk. Ask any motorbike courier. Chain up the two wheels besides and the rest which would be incredibly got rid of. solid success

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