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which is these is most likely for world series: 1. yankees vs dodgers 2. rays vs phillies?

3. red sox vs philles 4. red sox vs cardinals 5. yankees vs phillies 6. braves vs twins?

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    It's a shame you leave the Mets off the list, especially as they're a front runner to get either Cliff Lee or Roy Oswalt. However of that list I think Red Sox - Cardinals is most likely. The Red Sox have the best overall rotation in the league and the Cardinals are one of few teams who have two legitimate aces, making a five game or seven game series very easy to handle.

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    Yankees vs. Cardinals

    Yankees because they are the defending Champions and they still have the core four to guide them back to the World Series. Not to mention our rotation is stellar with CC, Andy Pettitte, and Phil Hughes. When you have Mariano closing, its almost academic. The Yankees should make it back. Some say the Rays but when you have Matt Garza and David Price 1,2... it doesn't stack up against the Yankees rotation, no matter what you say or what Rays fan speculate... the truth is in 2008 the Rays CHOKED in the WS, last year The Yankees didn't.

    With the Phillies fighting to survive this season, the absense of an offense in San Francisco, the Braves not proving anything except an early season division lead (Braves= 5 year playoff drought, spare me), .. The Cardinals have the best pitching and offense for the playoffs this season.


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    Why is their so much Phillies theirs not that big of a chance they will make it to the world series as well as the other teams you made this hard.So now im a have to go with

    Number 4.Red Sox Vs Cardinals.

    Number1.Yankees Vs Dodgers

    Number 6.Braves Vs Twins

    Those are some bad options though.

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    i anticipate you advise extra likely to take position this season? i'd ought to imagine the Subway sequence should be extra likely to take position. The Mets have more suitable their bullpen, yet their starters are not that giant and their lineup nonetheless has question marks. The Phillies have a sturdy lineup and some questions contained in the bullpen. they actually have iffy placing out pitching. The Braves are sturdy and the Marlins will compete, they could knock off one of those 2 communities. The Rays received't make the playoffs both. The Yankees went off this low season and the pink Sox are fairly good. The Rays did not extremely advance and that i will see them slumping, like the Tigers did after the went to the international sequence.

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    I say Rays vs. Braves but if i had to pick number 6.

    just because braves havent gone to to playoffs in 5 years doesnt mean we cant go

    braves went 14 consecutive divison title thing. My prediction at the end of the year was Braves over Rays in 6

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    either red sox cardinals or braves twins

    the phillies arent going to make the playoffs unless they pull it together soon because at the moment the braves and mets are much better

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