Culturally Speaking: How many of you in here finished high school already? What happened to your classmates?

What happened to some of your classmates who were voted "most likely to succeed" or "most attractive"?

I have been outta high school for two years now and man, older people are right when they say high school does not do anything to predict success in life and how they have seen the opposites happen, how the attractive cheerleader became obese and how the ugly nerd blossomed late in life.

Well here is what happened, 2 years ago we did superlatives on facebook so they could be more explicit, here is what happened to the people who won the following superlatives:

Most attractive - she recently hit depression and has put on 30 lbs, also she was fired from her last job, last pic of facebook she was ugly! The guy who was voted this has gained weight in college and is struggling with his grades, he just went Emo.

Most Likely to succeed - the girl dropped out of Harvard recently because the workload was too much and she transferred to a lower level university where she is struggling. The guy is doing okay in college but is in the middle of the pack, maintaining a C average at a top university.

Ugliest - The girl has got better in terms of looks, got her first boyfriend a few months ago and the guy has got way better in terms of looks, he was a hairy Iranian kid in high school, transformed himself in college and is now dating a beautiful Puerto Rican chick.

Nerdiest - The girl looks astonishing right now, very beautiful, she got contact lenses and her hair done. The guy is playing football for his university, he walked on and made the team.

So yea, what is your story. I am just shocked.


charis, hard to believe you

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  • Anonymous
    10 years ago
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    I graduated in 1999. Most of my friends are on facebook. Not many have left my hometown (Birmingham). Some are teachers, engineers. Some are dope boys.

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  • Anonymous
    10 years ago

    hmmm all that happened in two years? you must have went to a small high school? my graduating class had 650+ people in it, so to be "most attractive" and "most likely to succeed" you REALLY had to be something. our class valedictorian is at Harvard making good grades on a full acedemic scholarship. "most beautiful" (someone i still talk to) is still beyond gorgeous and moved to LA after high school and went to a designer college down there and is doing great. she's met celebrities, got a boob job, lol, doing the whoooole LA thing. basically she's like famous now. everyone in high school pretty much maintained what there were. "most athletic", Malcolm Williams (maybe you know him) is the starting wide receiver for UT longhorns. pretty much people that were able to shine in a high school that size is able to shine where ever they go.

    btw i went to Garland High School (outside of Dallas, Texas) graduated in '07.

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